Now my child learns languages at secondary, does she still need VICI?

“Well my daughter used to come to VICI when she was little but now she goes to Secondary school, she doesn’t really need you anymore… does she?” A great question that parents committed to their child’s language learning should ask and they are right to wonder. Here at VICI we’re thinking: ‘But you’ve built all […] Read more »

Why I don’t want my son to learn French at Secondary school.

  What do you do when you child is bilingual and heading to secondary school? If they can speak French, the main language taught in UK secondary schools, should they still do it? How well do they speak and indeed write French? If they are truly bilingual then you have to ask the question: ‘Do […] Read more »

Top Tips for Learning a New Language in 2015


January’s now upon us which means most people are planning their resolutions as the Christmas festivities end and a clean sheet presents itself in the form of a new year.     As well as getting fit, losing weight and ditching the alcohol, learning a foreign language is in the top ten most common resolutions. At […] Read more »

Discover why we don’t do group lessons to learn English

We strive to meet our foreign language students’ needs with a variety of teaching options available, however when it comes to learning English we do not offer group lessons even though we are continually asked, preferring to only offer private lessons. Why? Well people who want to learn English will normally have a good reason […] Read more »

The VICI Language Academy will be closed within five year

Well, if you believed a debate raging on social media over recent weeks. A discussion within a language group on LinkedIn asserted that all language schools would be closed within five years. Yes, apparently the onward march of apps on mobile telephones and tablets and ever faster broadband will soon remove the need to visit […] Read more »

I can ask for a beer in 10 different languages

Good for you if not for your liver! Seriously this witty retort is usually given by someone who doesn’t speak a second language when asked if they do… Little do they know how close to being bilingual they actually are! Assuming for a moment they are not diehard sports fans who have learned limited local […] Read more »

Can you learn a language online?

Hardly a day goes by at the VICI Language Academy in Newbury without an enquiry from someone who is passionate about learning a language but who has been deterred after trying – and failing – to learn a language online after downloading apps or buying online language training. This isn’t sour grapes on our part. […] Read more »

Your approach to language shouldn’t be a hobby when you mean business

Once again a business has hit the headlines amid accusations that it banned foreign workers from speaking their native tongue while at work. At the distribution centre for Hobbycraft in Burton there are myriad languages spoken by workers for whom English is clearly a second language. However, for once the business in question is not […] Read more »

Raising bilingual children: can we get it wrong?

It’s pretty tough to disagree that teaching children to learn a second language is wonderful! The benefits are evident; not only is it genuinely fulfilling and fun to do, when our children are older, the opportunities will be fantastic. But can we get it wrong when we are raising bilingual children? As well the enhancements […] Read more »

Discover how to get your children speaking French before they’re potty trained!

Here at the VICI Language Academy we are fair bursting with pride over our students most of the time, however sometimes you want to run through the streets of Newbury telling everyone! Readers of our newsletter will have already seen the case study about Tilly and Mirabelle – two of our youngest students on the […] Read more »

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