Can you learn a language online?

Hardly a day goes by at the VICI Language Academy in Newbury without an enquiry from someone who is passionate about learning a language but who has been deterred after trying – and failing – to learn a language after downloading apps or buying online language training. This isn’t sour grapes on our part. Absolutely […] Read more »

Your approach to language shouldn’t be a hobby when you mean business

Once again a business has hit the headlines amid accusations that it banned foreign workers from speaking their native tongue while at work. At the distribution centre for Hobbycraft in Burton there are myriad languages spoken by workers for whom English is clearly a second language. However, for once the business in question is not […] Read more »

Raising bilingual children: can we get it wrong?

  It’s pretty tough to disagree that teaching children to learn a second language is wonderful! The benefits are evident; not only is it genuinely fulfilling and fun to do, when our children are older, the opportunities will be fantastic. As well the enhancements to their social skills, awareness of other cultures and travel opportunities, […] Read more »

Discover how to get your children speaking French before they’re potty trained!

Here at the VICI Language Academy we are fair bursting with pride over our students most of the time, however sometimes you want to run through the streets of Newbury telling everyone! Readers of our newsletter will have already seen the case study about Tilly and Mirabelle – two of our youngest students on the […] Read more »

If plumbers need to speak French isn’t it time you took the plunge?

It seems like only yesterday the tabloid papers were filled with fear mongering headlines about Polish plumbers coming over here ‘stealing’ jobs… How different headlines this week suggest that no matter what your nationality, you will not win certain plumbing jobs without speaking French! Just as the newspapers here have moved on from focusing on […] Read more »

Languages compulsory in all UK schools? Why we remain cautious.

From September 2014 it will be compulsory for children aged seven and above to be taught at least one foreign language in Primary Schools – however why are the celebrations at the VICI Language Academy cautious when surely founder Nathalie Danon-Kerr would applaud such a move? The caution comes in case this is all just […] Read more »

What should Domino’s have done?

Dominos logo

Without any sense of irony a branch of Domino’s pizza is insisting that all staff speak English, making it a disciplinary offence if they are caught speaking their native language. We know that the branch of the take away is doing this after Stuart Horton, a delivery driver for the Ashton branch of Domino’s Pizza […] Read more »

British Council report vindicates the passion at the VICI Language Academy!

What do the 10 most important languages for the UK’s future and the 10 foreign languages taught by the VICI Language Academy in Newbury have in common? Absolutely everything – they are identical!   In a widely reported report published by the British Council ‘Languages for the Future’ puts 10 foreign languages in order of […] Read more »

A 2nd language means a 10 to 15% pay increase

It has been said that where America leads the world follows and the New York Daily Post has just published a story which suggests the demand for a second or even third language could be greater than even we at the VICI Language Academy have suggested! With a headline screaming: “Speaking 2 or more languages […] Read more »

Learning a language is like going to the gym* (*Except you will never want to quit!)

Learning a foreign language is such a rewarding experience and can add so much pleasure to your travel and various cultural experiences; but, despite all our best intentions the road to bilingualism is paved with distractions. I often use an analogy between learning a language and going to the gym: we know how important our […] Read more »

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