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"An important factor in our recruitment process."

"The ability to speak additional languages is an important factor in our recruitment process. Even when not necessarily a primary requirement, where we have two broadly equivalent candidates but one has an ability to speak foreign languages then that will be the deciding factor."

Robert Holland James Cowper LLP, Accountants & Business Advisers


The rest of the world now speaks English. It is therefore no longer enough to have a competitive advantage in your market place.

Dissatisfied by…

  • bad communication between departments so lack of productivity
  • break down in communication in board room so slower decision and endless meetings
  • difficulties in building rapport with foreign offices/clients/prospects
  • hierarchy affected if authority undermined due to poor communication

Needing help with…

  • dealing with sensitive situations (redundancies in foreign offices)
  • need for formal speeches, presentation, proposals
  • request for quotations and need for specific requirements
  • health and safety issues with foreign workers
  • expat/relocation for employees and families too


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"... I find your teaching methods stimulating, and very effective"

"I have never tried to learn a language in such a manner, and I personally find your friendly enthusiastic approach, encouragement, and teaching methods stimulating, and very effective."

Mr Dan Batute