01635 813 273 (Mon-Fri 8am to 6.30pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm) learn@thevici.com

The Vici VIP Program

30 Day FREE Trial – BE my VIP

Nathalie DanonHello, I am Nathalie, the Academy Director.

I am so confident that you, your children, family and colleagues will love the thrill of a new language at VICI that I will offer you a FREE, no obligation trial for 30 days for ANY of our language programmes, be it groups or 1:1.

That’s right. 30 DAY FREE. No cost, no obligation!  

All you have to do is…

  1. Ring our office on 01635 813 273 and ask for me (Nicolas, Angeline can help too) 
  2. We will organise a brief 30 minute visit so you can ‘get a feel’ for ‘the VICI experience’
  3. We will hand you out a VIP Pass (worth £100 to be redeemed against the language programme of your choice)
  4. You just need to show us your motivation and determination to be a great language student!
  5. In order to take great care of each new student who comes to the Academy, we limit the number of VIP Passes to 7 each month. So register now and be… Our Very Important Person!

Do it now whilst everything is in front of you. Our phone number is 01635 813 273.

Alternatively, email  veryimportantperson@thevici.com and expect to be amazed!

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If you work out the cost hour for hour it is no more expensive than college and it is all year around instead of just term time. You get far more for your money when you go to VICI and it is fun!

Derek Rodgers