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Learn a Foreign Language

The VICI currently offers no less than 11 modern foreign languages: French – Spanish – Italian – Portuguese – German – Polish – Russian – Turkish – Arabic – Chinese – Japanese and English as a foreign language.

The VICI is elite in its philosophy and language programmes structure making it an ideal environment for any individual, child or adult keen to achieve results in language learning and finally conquer modern foreign languages!

We enjoy meeting our students prior to the start of their courses and together, discuss options best suited to their needs.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 8pm and Saturday from 9.00am to 5.30pm. Please ring 01635 522410.

Here is a brief outline of our most popular language programmes:

Are you… Ready to embark on the journey but still unsure as to whether languages are for you, which one to choose and how much commitment you wish to dedicate to your new hobby?

Talk to us about our 6 month Positive Start Programme. This programme covers all basic language skills. It will admit you into our Academy, and give you relevant skills for your chosen foreign language; at entry level, a ‘positive start’ to open the door  to our further elite programmes.

Are you… Eager to give it your best shot, acquire basic language skills fast before making the decision to embark on a longer journey?

Enquire about our Kick Start Programme: 3 months of regular and targeted studies might be the answer for you.

Are you… Dedicated and motivated to get your studies underway and set clear goals…Ready to achieve this all impossible dream of becoming bilingual?

No doubt, our Linguist Masters Programme will get you there! This will provide you with an educational investment and will be a journey of discovery, an unforgettable language experience mixing immersion, consistency and pleasure of discovery.

Are you… Well prepared with clear objectives, time-bound and need flexibility in your learning?

Language Coaching awaits you! You will need the perspective, professionalism and support of a language coach dedicated to see you reach your goals.

For more information on how The VICI Language Academy can help you then get in touch with us