Teaching The Kids

We believe that being bilingual is one of the keys to success in life.

Here is how to make it happen for your child:


Hi, my name is Angeline Desain and I am bilingual...

Let me ask you… 

  • Do you want your child to be tolerant and open to other cultures?
  • Do you want your child to be part of a global community?
  • Be a competitive candidate in the admissions process for College or University?
  • Improve his / her employment potential?

As the Head of French Studies at the Academy, (and someone who has traveled, learnt and taught foreign languages), I have to say that I have yet to find and experience a better place to educate children bilingually than The VICI Language Academy. I am therefore extremely proud to be part of the team and contribute to our little linguists’ journey!

Vici Language Academy - 013

Hi, I’m Nicolas Thenot, Academy Manager

I will be able to help you if your child…

  • is new to foreign languages
  • has had a short experience at an early age (may be at nursery?)
  • is bright and needs ‘stretching’
  • needs a ‘boost’ for school
  • has lived abroad and you wish to pursue a bilingual education
  • is raised in a bilingual family

Sadly, I won’t be of much use if…

  • you are looking for a quick fix!
  • expect a club with no time commitment

"'People often ask me why I seem so passionate about my job... I often invite them to come and spend a couple of hours surrounded by our young students...
It is simply amazing! Any of them from the age of 3 to 18 are given positive guidance and direction
and are inspired to learn foreign languages at a time when they are most receptive and when it is most likely to impact on their future.
They have a lot of fun doing it too! The atmosphere at VICI is one of such a happy community!'"

Monsieur Thénot, Academy Manager

Watch this video! Inspiring!

We take what we do very seriously, based on our Founder and Director’s vision that languages should be a lifestyle and not a school subject’; as a result, we have put together these key elements to help our young linguists excel in their language learning apprenticeships:

  • EARLY START from the age of 2
  • IMMERSION with a great deal of exposure to two languages in dedicated premises to create high opportunities and motivation
  • SMALL CLASSES with a teacher to pupil ratio of 1-7
  • CONSISTENCY with classes ALL YEAR long including schools holidays with dedicated workshops
  • PLEASURE of DISCOVERY with fun yet challenging activities, inclusive of an introduction to geography and culture; using the latest techniques, IT resources and an access to a language library.
  • CONVENIENCE! We offer 3 to 4 flexi hours per week you can choose from… Great for busy parents!
  • 1:1 COACHING available


“I am so pleased with the way Vici works with the children and that they do not seem to think of French lessons as work! Well done Vici teachers!”  Mrs BERRY

Listen to Tilly, 4, who has been learning with us for one year only!

She was also a little star in the newspaper recently!