Introducing VICI’s BRAND NEW Discovery Programme

If you’ve got ambitions to be able to get by in French, Spanish or German, now’s the time to start getting serious, with our brand-new, one-off Discovery Programme, giving you 25 hours of learning, 2,000+ hours of video tutorials and a whole lot more for under £397…

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If you’re serious about language learning, and you’d like to make serious strides towards being competent in just 60 days, you’re in luck – our brand-new Discovery Programme is designed to give you everything you need.


Why have we launched a new Programme?

A lot has changed in the last 12 months. People have thought in depth about what they want from their lives, and many of us have changed our hobbies and activities, as well as our overall perspectives.

Many people took up language learning during the lockdown, but have reached a natural ceiling thanks to the limitations of the various apps on the market.

Others have rediscovered their love of languages, having not learnt them for several years.

People from both groups now want to get to the next stage, without a monthly commitment, and if that’s you too, the Discovery Programme is perfect.

What is the Discovery Programme?

The Discovery Programme is a blended learning package from VICI, combining in-person and online learning, to massively upskill you in the language of your choice in just two months.

Here’s “what you get”:


Weekly 90-minute Group Sessions

You’ll get together with your coach and your group for an hour and a half each week, at our Academy in Newbury Town Centre, to learn, practise your language skills, and rapidly improve your ability.

These sessions will give you the perfect opportunity to put your theory into practice, continue to improve your verbal and listening skills and get any in-person guidance you need from your coach whilst having the opportunity to also learn from others.


Fortnightly Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Twice a month, you’ll have a private coaching session with your coach – these can take place online or at the Academy in Newbury.

These sessions will last 60 minutes and give you 1:1 coaching on the language of your choice from a fully qualified coach, hugely experienced in drastically improving language ability.


2,000+ Hours of Video Tutorials

In addition to your live sessions, you’ll have plenty of self-study and homework to be getting on with.

In order to help you keep learning at home, you’ll have access to our extensive video library, with over 2,000 hours of video tutorials, all designed to help you achieve your goal and become competent in the language of your choice.

While homework isn’t compulsory, if you want to get the best results from the Discovery Programme, it’s well worth throwing yourself in wholeheartedly.


Learning Diary

The Discovery Programme is structured to deliver you your desired result, and your own, personal Learning Diary will ensure that you’re progressing along the structure in the right way.

We’ll post this out to your home as soon as you join the Programme.


Test and Certification*

As the Programme reaches its conclusion, you’ll take a test and receive a formal certification that verifies your language level. (*non-compulsory)

Everything we put in place is designed to get you close to an A2 Level (from the European Framework for Languages) by the end of the two months.

Is The Discovery Programme For You?

If you’re not a complete novice and you’ve got a certain level of understanding in the language, and you’d like to make some serious progress, the Discovery Programme is the perfect way to make that happen.

Within two months, the aim will be to get you close to A2 Level, so if you’d like to:

  • Understand sentences
  • Grasp and recognise frequently used expressions related to personal and family information, shopping and local geography
  • Be able to communicate in simple and routine tasks

Then the Discovery Programme is for you. 

In short, if you want to go from ‘just okay’ to ‘able to get by’, you’re an ideal applicant.

Nathalie, our director, explains why The Discovery Programme is right for you.

Your Investment

Your investment to join the Discovery Programme is a one-off fee of £397.

It’s ideal for students not yet ready to commit to a monthly investment, who nonetheless want to make fast, serious progress.

Until the end of 12th September, you can enjoy a £50 discount on your fee, making your investment just £347.

Your Application

Entrance into The Discovery Programme is by application only.

Each group will have a maximum of 8 students, and because of the group coaching element, it’s vital that each student is at a broadly similar level.

To apply, just fill in the short form, and we’ll be in touch to understand whether you’re the right fit for the Programme.

If you’re not sure, fill in the form and we’ll be happy to have a conversation and help you work out whether you’re the right fit or not.

Kind Words

“If what is stopping you learning a language is the idea of commitment, then this is the answer!
In just a few hours of using this method, I could count in French, greet people, describe items using colours and understand basic questions. Believe me, this is not me bragging about what I can do, this is me sharing how brilliant the instructors at VICI are.

Rachael Griffiths


“I heard from friends how brilliant The VICI Language Academy was. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish but wasn’t sure where to start. I would totally recommend this programme. Blended learning really is the answer and my coach, Esther made herself so available for me and the other students we can only be very grateful. It was really good fun too!”

Janine Mostyn


“I have thoroughly enjoyed learning a new language with VICI over the last couple of years and have been impressed by the dedication, professionalism and expertise of all the staff. The team knows exactly what they are doing and have relentless determination to make it happen, with quality and service always being the key factors.”

Derek Rodgers


Want to find out more about how The VICI can help you achieve your language goals? 

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