L.E.A.P. Programme

Language Education to Attain Proficiency 

A 6-month, self-paced, blended-learning language programme for driven and focused individuals, ready to learn or perfect their skills in French, Spanish, German or Mandarin

If you have language ambitions in:

French, Spanish, German, Mandarin


6 months of regular and supported studies

60 hours of self-paced learning – flexible yet structured 

Progress with the support of our team of professional linguists 

Affordable monthly membership

What is the VICI L.E.A.P Programme?

The L.E.A.P. Programme is a blended-learning package from VICI, combining ‘live’, in-person online learning and self-study material to steadily ‘kick-off’ or upgrade your French, Spanish, German, Mandarin skills.

Being a student on the programme means…


Unlimited access to a digital language learning platform

Up to 2000 hours of learning!

You will receive personal and full access to an immersive online platform that uses authentic videos, games and exercices in your target language AND tracks your progress; to provide you with an engaging experience.


Weekly group sessions in your 'language learners cohort'

Go over material, revise, ask questions, express yourself in your target language; check your progress against the curriculum and language objectives of your level group. These sessions are run by a full-time, professional VICI Language Coach . Lessons take place at our Academy in Newbury, Berkshire and online for the convenience of our students. Online sessions are also recorded so you can catch up on them at a later stage too.


A set, defined curriculum with realistic language objectives

You’ll receive a ‘roadmap’ of your language studies with a set curriculum outlining all the linguistic objectives and topics to cover over the next 6 months. A total of 60 hours of studies will be necessary to complete the programme.


The Support of a close-knit community

Together = Better! You’ll be invited to a private Facebook community of like-minded people and encouraged to find your ‘language buddy’ and accountability partner. Our team of linguists will share tips and advice for you on a regular basis so you can ‘live’ the language.


Learning Diary

The L.E.AP. Programme is structured to deliver you your desired result, and your own, personal learning diary (notebook designed specifically for language learners) will ensure that you’re taking notes in the right way, to help you progress.

We’ll post this out to your home as soon as you join the Programme.


Test and Certification*

As the Programme reaches its conclusion, you can ask to take a test and receive a formal certification that verifies your language level and is recognised by the Council of Europe. This is not compulsory and comes with an add-on fee of £85.


Is The L.E.A.P Programme For You?

We’re running the VICI L.E.A.P. Programme at 2 levels: one for those who are new to the language and others with a little more experience:


If you’re a novice, this programme is the perfect springboard to get you communicating in your target language: French, Spanish, German or Mandarin.

Examples of successful outcomes include (but are not limited to):

  • Understanding everyday basic sentences, practised through simple role-play
  • Grasping and recognising frequently used expressions related to personal and family information, shopping and local geography
  • Communicating simple and routine tasks

If you’ve been harbouring ambitions to learn a new language for a while but weren’t sure how to go about it, you’re an ideal applicant for the Essential level.


If you have some knowledge of French, Spanish, German or Mandarin and you’re looking to push your language skills to the next level, the Refresher is the perfect way to make that happen.

Examples of successful outcomes include (but are not limited to):

  • Building on your existing language skills by adding simple grammar and mastering better sentence structure
  • Becoming more comfortable in everyday situations by carrying simple transactions (food, travel…) with ease and without any help
  • Learning how to communicate in different tenses

In short, if you want to sharpen your foreign language skills and develop from rusty or hesitant to more confident communication, you’re an ideal applicant for the Refresher level.

! It is probably fair to say that the L.E.A.P. Programme won’t work for you if you don’t have time to dedicate to learning and struggle to complete work set out, on your own. 

What’s your investment

to join the L.E.A.P. Programme?

It begins the week commencing 14 November 2022.

We will be accepting enrolment until the 10th of November. 

The investment to join the Programme is a one-off Academy joining fee of £45 and a 6-month monthly membership at £79 a month.

(Or, £434 for 6 months in one-single instalment)


FREE Blueprint with proven language learning strategies

FREE private 30-minute consultation with one of our language coaches

£10 off your joining fee

When you save your seat by 8 November

The L.E.A.P. Programme

gives you…


The structured and supported formula needed to start or progress along your language journey, with the right tools and professional support.

You’ll be having the independence and flexibility to progress at your own rate of ability and speed.



The results?


a newfound confidence when speaking your chosen language


the ability to understand the mechanics of language learning


self-sufficiency while travelling


more professional opportunities


increased cognitive benefits

This programme will give you the edge you need to make learning a foreign language an enjoyable routine, and enable the self-confidence needed to take you to the next level.

Laura Vandendorpe

Co-Creator of the L.E.A.P .Programme

L.E.A.P Enrolment Ends...








Speak to a member of our team before enrolling in the L.E.A.P. programme

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“If what is stopping you learning a language is the idea of commitment, then this is the answer!
In just a few hours of using this method, I could count in French, greet people, describe items using colours and understand basic questions. Believe me, this is not me bragging about what I can do, this is me sharing how brilliant the instructors at VICI are.

Rachael Griffiths


“I heard from friends how brilliant The VICI Language Academy was. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish but wasn’t sure where to start. I would totally recommend this programme. Blended learning really is the answer and my coach, Esther made herself so available for me and the other students we can only be very grateful. It was really good fun too!”

Janine Mostyn


“A fabulous community of like-mided people, great technology and the hands-on support of a team of language professional – the prefect mix to learn a language! I was quiten nervous at first having only learnt German at school – poorly! But this programme is full of support and great insights’

Edward Day


“Hi, I’m Nathalie, Director of The VICI Language Academy.

I’m originally from a beautiful area of rural France – Jura – unspoiled but a far cry from an international metropolis with mind-expanding experiences.

Bilingualism wasn’t on my family’s radar; I wasn’t an academic high-flyer, neither of my parents spoke a second language, and there weren’t a lot of opportunities for linguistic exposure.

So, as someone who didn’t start out as the kind of person for whom bilingualism was an obvious and foregone conclusion, I realised that with a desire and a willingness to learn, ANYONE can become BILINGUAL – as long as you’re surrounded by a team that is equally as committed to helping you achieve your results, as you are.

Being bilingual opened so many doors for me; travelling, friendships, networking, work opportunities – I want to offer that to you too by welcoming you on the L.E.A.P. Programme; let’s get starting! “

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