By Nathalie Danon

Max & Sacha…

en vacances en France

Book 2 in our Max & Sacha series finds the boys going on holiday. Written in English and French, the book gently introduces thematic vocabulary in context which enables readers – and listeners – to get to grips with everyday phrases in a fun and informal way.

Why you’ll love reading

this book with your child

It's short & sweet

It is the perfect book to read for a bedtime story

You can listen first

The free audiobook accompanying this book means you can listen first to check pronunciation

Learn with role play

You can expand the book with role-play, a great way to make memories ensure contextual understanding

You might learn something

If you wanted to test the water, this book might help you too!

Why your kids will love reading this book


It's the perfect follow up to Book 1

Children will love hearing how Max and Sacha have grown and what they are up to now, but the book also works as a standalone title

Lively, colourful illustrations

Designed to appeal to young children

Independent learning

With the audiobook, children can be learning while listening without adult involvement

“As a fluent French speaker, I am keen for my daughter to grow up being bilingual. I read to her in French every night. As for my husband, he can only speak English. Reading Max et Sacha is wonderful because both of us are able to read it and understand it, and it allows Alice to see that there are two distinct languages. Alice really enjoys the story and she asks to read the book over and over again. (My husband is also learning French with this!)”

Hayley Mac Donald

Head of Modern Foreign Languages and English as an Additional Language, Northampton

“Speaking as a Dad who regrets not doing more with languages at school, I was thrilled to find it was loved by the kids but accessible and relevant to me too. The book is more than a language tool though; it has a delightful story that is beautifully illustrated and simply a joy to read. I would encourage any parent wanting to help their children explore French to invest in this great book.”

Nigel Morgan

Journalist, Marlborough

“Wow, what a cute and fun way to learn some French. This short story about two young brothers has my daughter excited to read and learn more about the French language. It’s a perfect beginner book.”

Jamie and Kailyn Daddario

Pennsylvania, USA

Private reading and workshop

Nathalie Danon, author of the Max et Sacha series, is available for private readings accompanied by short, fun activity workshops carefully tailored to specific age groups.

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Max Et Sacha se disputent

Based on a quarrel between the boys, and written in a mixture of French and English, this book introduces contextual phrases in a fun and informal way.

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Max et Sacha en vacances en France

This book, also combining English and French languages, revisits brothers Max and Sacha and includes thematic vocabulary including family members, colours, hobbies, food and more.

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Get Both!

Order both books together and get free access to our fun, downloadable playing card game. Download and print at home or follow the instructions onscreen to test your knowledge of the Max & Sacha book series.

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“I know just how easily kids can pick up and retain new language skills, after all, I see it every day!  I was inspired by my boys and my passion for languages to create the Max & Sacha series and I hope my new books will make foreign languages fun, accessible and relevant to all who read them!”

– Nathalie Danon

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