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Whatever your motivation, the simple fact is that children flourish in so many aspects of their lives when introduced to a foreign language at a young age.


The sooner they begin their bilingual journey, the better; and faster and greater the results will be.

Are you bilingual and want the same for your children?

Do you have a home abroad, meaning learning the language is essential for your children?

Do you feel the lasting benefits of learning another language are vast for your children?

Do you want the very best opportunities for your children?

Did you struggle to learn a language at school, and want better for your children?

Are you worried your children are not thriving with languages at school?

“I have produced an e-book 7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Be Bilingual in which we take a professional look at some powerful reasons why learning another language will benefit your children and whatever your motivation, If you have imagined your children becoming bilingual, and are ready to take the next step with the VICI Language Academy, then just request your FREE ebook now!”
Nathalie Danon

Academy Director

“Such a worthwhile investment!”

“I have benefited first-hand from having a second language and have always wanted the same for my children.  We started our son at the Vici Language Academy on the French Positive Start programme at just 3 years old. He’s now in the Linguist Masters programme, and just this weekend I was impressed at how confidently he was communicating with some French friends who had come to visit.  The defined curriculum really makes Vici stand apart from other less structured language programmes targeted at kids, and the staff are really committed. Thank you Vici!”

Hilary Bowsher, Newbury

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Kind Words

From our mums:

jessie eaton

“I would absolutely recommend VICI for the huge benefits a language can deliver to children and because of Nathalie and her team; they are all wonderful.”

Alice Fogg

We would recommend VICI – as long as Nathalie Danon is an active part of it and it
has her passion and whips everyone up into a frenzy with her enthusiasm! It is what makes it so enjoyable and why we’ve signed the children up for another three years.

Emma Puryer

I was a bit worried because my daughter is only three but she has settled in fine. They make things really fun and change activities a lot. Both my daughters now attend the academy quite regularly and the team always has something different keep them excited.

Well done Vici

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