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Our Teaching Method


First we try to communicate, and in doing so, we learn!

It is all down to our magic formula:

Immersion + Focus + Consistency = Fluency

(They will allow you to grow into a new language comfortably, productively and enjoyably.)

So why is VICI not using the good old ‘text book’ traditional method of learning a language? Well… Sorry, we can’t find a politically correct way of explaining it! Instead, let us tell you why we are using… The very clever ‘Communicative Approach’.

In a nutshell, the communicative approach (CA) is the theory that language is communication. Therefore the aim is communicative competence. So far, so good?

The CA has proven to be one of the most successful methods in providing confident learners who are able to make themselves understood in the shortest possible time. (By prioritizing communicative competence over accurate grammar).

It is important to remember that as individuals, most of us do not learn a language in order to communicate… First we try to communicate, and in doing so, we learn!

Practically, it means…
Traditionally, you would learn the rules of a language and then be asked to apply them. We do it the other way round! We will show you how to ‘play’ with the language (in a dedicated environment, don’t attempt to do this at home, it could hurt!) then learn the rules of ‘putting the language together’. It is a little like… Eating your desert then going back to the main course!

Technically, it means…
Authentic and meaningful communication should be the goal of the classroom activities:

  • Fluency is an important dimension of communication
  • Communication involves the integration of different language skills
  • Learning is a process of creative construction and involves trial and error

VICI also offers ‘Open Source’ resources. We do not have one method that suits all. We have tons of methods that suit one. Coaches have access to a multitude of learning resources which they will adapt to YOUR needs.

Call us today to find out how you too could learn your chosen language enjoyably and comfortably!

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