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We are a relaxed, positive and focused organisation, entirely dedicated to modern foreign languages. We work very hard to make languages work for our students.

Esther Mayo, Language Programme Coordinator

The VICI Manifesto – Why choose us?

Passion for customer service

We actually believe in it rather than just talk about it!


We constantly seek to improve our service before any complaints may arise and we are always on the front foot with the services that we provide.


It’s not just about Nathalie Danon, our Director, everybody lives and breathes customer service at VICI

A lifelong love of languages...

To discover how The VICI Language Academy can help you and your family to develop a lifelong love of languages, arrange a call with one of our friendly language experts

All our customers are protected by the VICI money back guarantee

A unique environment for language learning

Passionate about her language and culture, Nathalie Danon, Director of the Academy had the desire to teach and promote what she had inherited. She decided to create The VICI Language Academy in order to fulfil a great ambition: to give her students the best possible guidance and direction, and inspire them to become bilingual. Nathalie Danon is resolute in making her Academy a unique environment for language learning.

           ‘One inspirational teacher’ 

VICI is elite in its philosophy, programme structure, concept and resources. We are not just here to teach you a modern foreign language but to help you live an experience and benefit from our expertise of the many different languages and cultures we teach.

Do you know what the phrase we hear most at the Academy is? ‘I wish I’d done this all these years ago!

Highly trained native speakers (passionate about what they do) make VICI an ideal environment for any individual, child or adult keen to explore new horizons and finally conquer that old impossible dream of becoming bilingual!

Don’t delay, do it TODAY!

All our customers are protected by the VICI money back guarantee

What our coaches say

When I joined VICI in August 2017 simply as a cover teacher I never thought it would teach me so much as it did. Being used to teaching in a typical classroom environment, I found teaching at VICI both challenging and refreshing at the same time. Challenging because I had to rethink the way I taught and refreshing because I was not confined to a rigid curriculum or national exam contents. I found the Communicative Approach fun and liberating as a coach – it could be on anything and everything that could get your students talking in a foreign language. Teaching French, Spanish and EFL to little ones or more mature students, individually or as a group, has helped me grow so much as a teacher by constantly reflecting and adapting my teaching to suit various needs.
VICI is a very special place not only because of the people that dedicate their time, energy and effort wholeheartedly to make sure it is the best academy it can be but also because of the calibre of students it attracts.
Thank you all for those wonderful 2 years as I’ve made some friends for life and will look back on these with fondest!
Keep being awesome everyone!

Amélie Thompson

I have been working at VICI for just over three months now. I thoroughly enjoy what I do. Working at VICI isn’t like a typical job to me, I enjoy every minute of it. My students are absolutely fantastic. It is so rewarding and fulfilling to be able to teach people who want to learn my native language, whether it be for an exam, business or even just as a hobby. Teaching people from other countries is an extremely rich experience. The company is very well run by Nathalie Danon. She really takes pride in what she does and does her utmost to look after the students studying at the academy. She is extremely enthusiastic, positive and encouraging. Any time positive feedback is passed on about me, I am made aware within seconds. I feel extremely appreciated at VICI. Not just by Nathalie but also the students and my colleagues. We are a great team. We are always supporting one another and helping each other out. I thoroughly enjoy my job, I have a purpose for every day. I am extremely lucky to be involved with such a fantastic company.

Danielle Boaler

What our students say

‘The overall package of The VICI is quite brilliant!’

Mr Williams

My learning was hidden in enjoyment

Hidden in amongst the enjoyment is a lot of learning, but so well hidden that most of the time, I did not notice it happening. Only when I came to speak the language in a different environment did I realise how much more fluently I could make myself understood.

David Henning

It is fun, interesting and a wonderful discovery. This is a gem of a language school in the centre of Newbury.

Distinctive teaching given in small groups and catering for all ages and abilities. Well-balanced, interesting lessons that inspire and can really encourage you to learn.

With an excellent command of English, teachers are native speakers of the language they teach the lessons in be it French, Spanish, German, Italian.

I am a dedicated fan and have been studying French at VICI for the last few years with great enjoyment.

Sally Laird

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