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The Real English Adventure

A 15-day language stay in England with up to 100 hours of total language immersion!

An educational and cultural summer school experience in England.

VICI is a foreign language training centre based in both France and England. We’re offering your children the opportunity to attend an intensive summer programme across the English Channel next summer!

The summer school provides educational English language classes with immersive experiences of living and exploring the local culture.

Our goal is to help your teenagers feel more at ease with the English language, boost their confidence and foster a desire to become bilingual.
A group of teenage students on a trip to Windsor castle posing for a photo

Open to teenagers aged 12 to 17

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15th July – 29th July, 2024

15 days – 14 nights

16 spaces available

All nationalities welcome!

Memories from past summer programmes

What’s included?

A true blend of language and culture for 100% immersion!


Intensive English classes combined with up to 100 hours of total language immersion


Small group teaching with a maximum of 8 students


Hosted by families eager to share their culture


Days out in London & Oxford


Half a day at a city high school


“Scones” cooking workshop


An afternoon of cricket


Watch the horse racing

Students in the VICI classroom

What truly sets our intensive programme apart from the rest, is the idea of total immersion as well as the diversity of learning: this is not just a summer camp in England, but a focused and intensive language and cultural experience.

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Where will you stay?

The VICI Academy is ideally located in the small, secure and picturesque town of Newbury, Berkshire County, near London and Oxford, and only an hour away from beautiful British beaches!

We chose to settle in a small town, which we believe offers many advantages for our students, including better safety, more effective language immersion, and, most importantly, cultural authenticity.

A Map with towns highlighted

Students have the opportunity to experience and discover “real” British customs and traditions.

A church and building on the canal

Newbury canal

Looking inside a classroom at the VICI Academy

Inside: VICI UK

Newbury town square at night

Newbury town square

How will the students benefit?


Total immersion: in an environment where English is the primary language of communication. Young people gain confidence and forget that they are learning a foreign language! This total immersion is one of the most effective ways to progress toward bilingualism.


Daily practice: using English every day, routinely, to communicate with their coaches, peers, and in various situations, enhances their fluency in speaking English.


New friendships: teenagers often make friends with local or international peers during their stay in England. They are encouraged to communicate in English, which greatly contributes to increasing their self-confidence.


Discovering culture: getting to know British culture makes language learning more engaging. Young people become more interested in it as they better understand the culture that surrounds them.


Personal achievement: when they return home after the program, teenagers realise the progress they’ve made in English, resulting in increased confidence and motivation.


Bilingualism goal: after experiencing a positive time in England, many teenagers set the goal of becoming bilingual. They understand that it’s a valuable skill that can open doors in their personal and professional lives – and most importantly, it’s achievable!


Ongoing motivation: every year, we notice that our students are more likely to continue learning English outside of school, whether through additional lessons, reading, watching films, or practicing with native speakers.

The Real English Adventure is an enriching experience, a dive into the language and culture of Britain, which will open new horizons for your child and help them feel more comfortable in an English-speaking environment.”

Nathalie Danon, Director of VICI Academy


From parents of students who have experienced our summer school

Rahmona Ménétriez

“I was recommended VICI. I had been looking for a program for my daughter for several weeks, and with all the online options, it was not easy to choose.

I thank my colleague from the office! This team is a big family, and they take care of our children as if they were their own. A huge thank you to all!”

Delphine Halbourg

“Noa returned all nostalgic; this English adventure is a real success. He says that he now thinks it’s possible to become bilingual, and I’m thrilled.

He’s already re-enrolling for next year!”

Stéphanie Epailly

“If you want your child to go on a language trip to England, don’t hesitate, turn to VICI Languages, a competent, professional, and small-scale company.

My daughter returned so enthusiastic from her trip. Everything was perfect: the organization, the classes, the host families, and the sightseeing. I recommend 100%!!!”

Two young students crossing a bridge with VICI academy tote bags


The VICI Language Academy has been at the heart of Newbury for 22 years and creating a community with young learners is something we’re extremely proud of. Secure your child’s spot today by contacting the team.

Receptionist service: +44 (0)1635 44424
Email: learn@thevici.com


The VICI Language Academy has been at the heart of Newbury for 22 years and creating a community with young learners is something we’re extremely proud of. Secure your child’s spot today by contacting the team.

Receptionist service: +44 (0)1635 44424
Email: learn@thevici.com

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