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Do you have a teenage son or daughter who…

  • Seems to have given up on the idea of ever speaking a foreign language?
  • Or is not looking forward to the forthcoming exams?
  • Enjoys languages but would like more communication practice?

We do too.

“Our teenagers, after a few weeks of coaching at VICI, discover how inventive, interactive, fun and creative learning a language can be. With the help of our coaches, they can learn in a friendly and supportive environment that aids confidence and inspires results.

If you’ve been a friend of VICI for a while, you’ll know how firmly we believe being bilingual makes our children smarter, more confident and gives them greater earning potential than their peers.”

Valérie Lucat, French Coach

A language should be alive

Language programmes need to be tailored to today’s teenagers and their ever-changing expectations: they want fun and interaction. A language is alive. Make it alive and inspire these young adults to speak it. Only then, can they realise how wonderful it would be to become bilingual.

Very small classes

Focused one-to-one coaching

Complimentary assessments at our language clinic

Native & highly trained in house language coaches

Tailored project plans ahead of exams

Access to video tutorials

Subscription to bilingual magazines

A lifelong love of languages...

To discover how The VICI Language Academy can help you and your family to develop a lifelong love of languages, arrange a call with one of our friendly language experts

All our customers are protected by the VICI money back guarantee

Choose from the following options

One-on-one coaching

For students looking for focus and flexibility

Perhaps you have specific learning objectives or are facing exams, or simply enjoy the personalisation and intimacy of private language lessons.

We will match your requirements to our professional language coaches with a dedicated language programme, tailor-made just for you.

Email us to find out more

Language Groups: a maximum of 8 children per class


Runs throughout the year


Online or on-site


Conversational classes


Unlimited access to video tutorials


Connections with teenagers in other countries


Includes drinks and snacks

Email us to find out more

i.VICI – a learning solution for busy lives

You can choose from a range of tried and tested language programmes that will support you regardless of your age and level of language proficiency ONLINE too!

Remote language coaching at home is available

Read more about our online platform here

All our customers are protected by the VICI money back guarantee

Not sure of the best option for your teenager?

No problem, let us help you decide

We have a team of personal language programme advisors who can advise you on the right option.

First, pop your details below to get our online brochure that explains our programmes and membership options in more detail, then you can chat with a dedicated language advisor to get you on the right path.

Get your brochure here

All our customers are protected by the VICI money back guarantee

Spotlight on Esther, a popular language coach with teenagers! 

Esther, our Senior and Native Spanish Coach and Language Co-ordinator, is simply quite fabulous at putting together language events, mixing games, culture and a lot of fun for students of all level and ages.

A former drama teacher, she ‘gets’ teenagers so they are sure to find her sessions fun and engaging!

She places a huge emphasis on helping them build strong oral communication skills and gain confidence at the same time.

What our students say

His confidence is soaring and his grades are following suit

A year ago I had a son that hated French and had failing school results to prove it. After a year of group sessions at Vici and a fantastic holiday in France, his confidence is soaring and his grades are following suit. It has been remarkable to see that he now believes he can pass his French GCSE

Clare King

The teachers were friendly and the classes always welcoming

I studied French at the academy for almost ten years and enjoyed every minute of it! The teachers were friendly and the classes always welcoming. VICI took me from a complete non-french-speaker to someone who now studies it at a-level; it taught me to love the language rather than just learn it. I also assisted in the lessons for younger students for two years, which helped my confidence and helped me to further develop my skills

Megan Lay

VICI gave her the confidence she needed

Mrs Bowen came to see us and explained that her daughter Bexs, 16, was predicted all As for her GCSEs, yet was probably going to fail her French exam.

“She lacks confidence, thinks she can’t do it, is confused and really needs help.”

Bexs exams were taking place three months later. We promised that she would have a good time at VICI, start to make sense of the language and actually enjoy learning it!

“I don’t expect that much,” says Mrs Bowen, “just get her to pass her French GCSE and I shall be very grateful!”.

Three months later, Bexs got an A and decided to take French for her A-Levels.

Mrs Bowen wrote to us and said: “You are a truly inspiring academy, your teachers are brilliant and their attention to detail is wonderful, my daughter has become incredibly inspired by them and now loves languages.”

Mrs Bowen

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