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Academy Update

Academy Update

Following the announcement that all non-essential shops could open from yesterday, we’ve been busy over the last few weeks making preparations.

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Attitudes to Coaching, Part Two:

Attitudes to Coaching, Part Two:

At The VICI, every facet of our offering is orientated toward the needs of our students, and we always work with our clients to ensure that their experience is smooth, enjoyable and completely tailored to their objectives.

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Silver Linings

Silver Linings

One big thing I’ve been trying to do this week is to look for the silver lining in the black cloud we’re all living in

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The truth about language apps

The truth about language apps

From busuu to Babbel, language-learning apps are big business. DuoLingo has 300 million users, Babbelsigns up a million a year just in the US.  I’ve been in the language industry for nearly 20 years and when language teaching apps began to catch on, I started to find...

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Older Posts

Vici on the radio

Nathalie, our founder and director was interviewed by Claire Burdett from Kennet Radio on her Friday Social Show, so Newburians could find out a little more about Vici and all things foreign languages!

Celebrating 10 years of the Vici Language Academy

Hundreds turn out to help us celebrate 10 years for The Vici language academy in Newbury! We marked our ten-year anniversary with a special street party on Saturday (14th July). The Arcade took on a very French appearance for the event, which happened to coincide with...

French Immersion… at its best!

I’ve been teaching French as a foreign language to young children for 16 years now. It’s extremely enjoyable and we have lots of fun but it isn’t, by any means, an easy task. Being able to engage children constantly in different languages activities that will ‘speak’...

We call on schools to do more to improve their teaching!

This year, we will celebrate ten years of coaching learners of all ages. Of the record 5.7 million small businesses operating in the UK today, less than half will survive beyond five years, let alone ten, yet we continue to go from strength to strength. Something we...

Viva España! But could you do business there?

When it comes to spending a week on the beach in Spain, it might be that a combination of English, holding a certain number of fingers aloft and, of course, pointing will suffice and most of us could manage a “por favour” when ordering food or drink. However, as I...

When in Rome…

... And the power of immersing yourself in another language. Have you heard how much easier it is to learn another language when you immerse yourself in the words and culture behind foreign linguistics? Perhaps you have even experienced this phenomenon first hand? I...

If you’ll excuse my French, I experienced déjà vu!

Wide-eyed children are sat cross-legged before me as another hand shoots in the air ‘What are the uniforms like?’ and another asks: ‘Tell us about the food?’ There is no end to the boundless curiosity of children, not least at the VICI Language Academy. However, this...

Have you ever wondered how your language teacher learns?

Amid the fun that learning a language brings to students who come to the VICI Language Academy, they can be forgiven for not sparing a thought on how their language coach stays on top of their game. However, just because few think of it, this does not mean it isn’t at...

The Inner Confidence That Comes With Being Bilingual…

This short but sweet story illustrates perfectly the extent to which we empower our kids when we make the bold decision to raise them bilingually. My eldest son Sacha always told me he wanted to spend a term in a French school. So in Year 8 that is exactly what he...

Hello world!

Welcome to The Vici Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Hello world!

Welcome to The Vici Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Would love your opinion on this…

I just read a really good article in the Guardian about the languages that schools should teach - it's been inspired by the Polish PM saying that Polish should be taught in English schools. I think you'll find it an interesting read:...

Kinaesthetic Halloween costumes…

Last week,  I shared a really interesting article about how children learn language. (If you didn’t get a chance to read the article, you can do so here.)  This week I just wanted to expand on the article, and give you a few ideas to...

Useless, French? We tell Paxo to get stuffed.

If Jeremy Paxman is to be believed “… the real problem with French is that it is a useless language.” He took a real pop at the language in an opinion column in the Financial Times, which was followed up by much of the media. Naturally, this sparked outrage among...

How Language & Culture bring people together

The people of France are well known for their hospitality so little wonder we gave regulars at the Fox in Peasemore a thoroughly warm welcome at our recent annual evening of all things French. The students at the VICI Language Academy pride themselves on being part of...

Staving off dementia?

One of the reasons there is such a great atmosphere at the VICI Language Academy is because everyone who enrols to learn a language is passionate about it for a host of reasons – but imagine being compelled to learn a language until you left university! We’ve written...

Jonny Wilkinson and the universal language of rugby

Amid the excitement of the 2015 World Cup it can be easy to dismiss the importance of learning another language in order to play another sport. Rugby, like many sports, is surely a universal language? The game speaks for itself and when ‘Les Bleus’ clash with a team...

Why foreign language software does not work.

The inadequacies of trying to learn a language simply by listening has long been recognised, no doubt why many turn to a new breed of linguistic attainment, that is software – both for computers and apps for smart phones – the answer in any language? In a word “no”,...

Top Tips for Learning a New Language in 2015

January’s now upon us which means most people are planning their resolutions as the Christmas festivities end and a clean sheet presents itself in the form of a new year.     As well as getting fit, losing weight and ditching the alcohol, learning a foreign...

Discover why we don’t do group lessons to learn English

We strive to meet our foreign language students’ needs with a variety of teaching options available, however when it comes to learning English we do not offer group lessons even though we are continually asked, preferring to only offer private lessons. Why? Well...

Going back to school to inspire the future generation

The brightest budding linguists at St. Bartholomew’s School in Newbury were given an insight into the importance of being bilingual in the modern world. The audience of some 50 students from years nine to 13 were taken from the school’s Gifted and Talented programme...

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