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We develop educational programs that promote academic mobility for young people and adults, given them the love for travel, cultures, language with a thirst to explore future opportunities and career paths.

Available to schools, groups and Individuals

Searching for a linguistic immersion in the cosiest of British towns? Search no more: welcome to Newbury.


The VICI Language Academy is located in the homely and green County of Berkshire, in a quaint and cosy marketown called Newbury. We love living in one of the safest towns in the south west of the United Kingdom, and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

You will find us in the Mews quarters, just by the Kennet river, on the edge of a lively and colourful town centre, with an array of boutiques and restaurants, from French bistros to Italian restaurants or lovely little cafes and tearooms – all within walking distance from each other, and the Academy. Sunny al fresco dining in the Summer months, warm fireplaces in our traditional pubs when the cold hits: there is something for every season!

Take a lovely canal or countryside walk, enjoy a bite to eat with an ever expanding international community: Newbury is the perfect location to immerse yourself in the English way of life, and the best compromise between town and country living.

Oh! And for that spontaneous trip to London, the fast train from Newbury to Paddington station takes 50 minutes…from the town centre.

Yes, it’s all *right* here.


Fun fact: the author of the world famous Paddington Bear books, Michael Bond, is  Newbury-born and bred!

One Team, dedicated to your success

Our team of linguistic experts are full-time
dedicated to the Academy and our
They have worked with us and each other                  for years, which gives them the strength of shared experience

From language teachers to residential program managers, we are experts in our  field, bringing a wealth of
international know-how
: name it, we’ve done it!

We deliver consistency of learning throughout and beyond your stay in the UK. Our programme includes our signature i.VICI, an interactive online platform where content is personalised to your experience, hobbies and level of English – so we know each other before you even set foot in the UK! A definite plus for our team to get ready for you.

If you are looking for a team of dedicated, dynamic and passionate individuals, inspired by a deep sense of community – look no further, that’s us! We care for our students and that is why we deliver long lasting results.

Fun fact: did you know that Highclere Castle…the filming location of Downtown Abbey, is right down the road from us AND periodically opens to visitors?

The VICI Language Academy

The VICI Language Academy is a boutique language agency. We have crafted and delivered structured content through teaching small groups, and personalising lessons to individuals for over 20 years

Quality over quantity is our motto!

The Academy welcomes international students all year round – it’s a place where lasting friendships are forged and English is spoken every day. Our language school is operational every single month of the year, not just the Summer months!

*You* decide when you start, and we give you our full support.

About your next programme abroad…

Starline Programme

Promotes educational mobility for young people from age 15, giving them a passion for travel, culture and languages at a time when they are most receptive.

VICI’s signature Mobility program is dedicated to those who aim to gain real life language skills through local cultural exchanges, dedicated workshops and corporate placements. From learning CV skills to building a marketing plan or organising pub life, the program promises real life hands-on experience, inspiring a generation to explore opportunities and future career paths. 

A real cultural immersion, perfect to better your language skills…and your CV!

Learn more (link to program brochure)

Real English Adventure

The *most* comprehensive language immersion for teenagers, personalised to individuals or small groups as applicable.

Your UK adventure will start in a quintessential British location: the cosy and warm Newbury Tearoom with beautiful river views. Here, your children will break the ice with their co-students and teachers – get to know each other and explore connections! 

Here, we learn through fun: treasure hunts in the town centre, visits to local landmarks, exchanges with local schools – always in a safe and monitored setting.

An unforgettable experience to suit an age group full of possibilities.

Learn more (link to program brochure)


Intensive Bespoke English

A super personalised language program tailored to *your* specific goals

Are you a student needing to improve your level of English to enter a specific school? Are you a public person needing to improve your English for press interviews? Have you been asked to learn English as part of a promotion? Are you a  sales or marketing professional in need of corporate language lessons? Our intensive bespoke English program will deliver a program to suit your *exact* individual needs. 

You will leave us with the confidence to speak English in your chosen setting, and beyond.

Learn more (link to program brochure)


Not just another residential programme…


I am Nathalie, the owner and founder of Vici. I wanted to pop in and give you my heartfelt thanks for considering us!

Vici is my passion project, and that is what it’s been going for over 20 years! Ask our local parents and children: Vici is more than a language school, it is a community. We care about our students, their progress, their challenges – and enjoy teaching and social gatherings alike. We look out for each other.

My team of language professionals and I have worked relentlessly for over 20 years, to bring you a wealth of knowledge, rich of 11 languages and over 100 years of international experience combined!

I am proud of our achievements, just like you will be proud of yours when your residential program comes to an end.

This is a truly holistic program where wellbeing, results, community, language and culture all matter in equal measures.

My team and I look forward to welcoming you to Newbury.

In the meantime, follow me on LinkedIn for all news Vici, to know more about our boutique Language Academy! 


Clients Success Stories

School Internships

The “Lycée Rabelais” in Vendée, France worked with VICI four years in a row on mobility projects for its high school students: business english training (to include writing CVs, preparing covering letters and practising job interviews), work placements in local businesses and partnership with local schools.

“The VICI staff are consummate professionals – nothing is too much and the depth in which they careful planned all our projects was second to none. We are immensely grateful”

Anne Bouston – Business Teacher, France

A Summer of Culture and Language

Noa, with five other 15-17 year olds olds, took part in our ‘Real English Adventure’ programme where students are immersed in the British language and culture for no less than 100 hours over a 2 week-period!

“I cannot express how amazing my residential programme was! A full immersion from day 1, the staff is amazing and really caring; we are looked after so well that the 2-week programme went by in a flash! Bonus: I am now very motivated to become fully bilingual!”

Noa Halbourg, 16, Germany

Intensive English for Exam Entry

Frederico spent part of his summer holidays in Newbury to perfect his English. He followed a personalised and intensive language programme, given that his goal is to study in an international engineering school in his homeland of Italy.

(He also used some of his time at the Academy to have an introduction to Mandarin!)

“The whole experience was great! I came back home with a renewed confidence in my ability to speak English and tackle my school entry exam with conviction. Thank you VICI!”

Frederico Lama, 18, Italy

What’s your project?

We’re open throughout the year

The opposite of a Summer Camp, our Academy runs 365 days a year, with dedicated staff and students. We also run programs for local students of all ages, so you will find us ready to go at any time!

Once we find out what *you* are looking for, we’ll start tailoring the perfect program for you. Get in touch for a chat, we’ll make sure you get all the information you need to move forward with your language plans!

We’re result-driven, exam, job and confidence focus

At Vici, we love seeing our students thrive. Our programs are all purpose built with an end goal in mind, before you even touch the UK ground! Progress is a cornerstone of our business and we strive to give our students the confidence to pursue their studies, complete their CV or get that promotion! 

Our program includes exams as well as industry-recognized diplomas to take home, some significant differentiators in an increasingly competitive market.

A dedicated team ready to discuss your individual project

11 languages spoken in house, a dynamic residential team ready to welcome you, we are designed to address your individual needs and design a program to suit you.

From A-level students to public speakers or university graduates, we are for *everyone*.

Connect with us

Get to know our friendly team and enquire about our programs:

  • Email us on: residentials@thevici.com
  • Fill in this quick web form: TBC
  • Call us on: 00 44 1635 444 24
  • Tell us more on Whatsapp 00 44 7976 243529
  • Reach us via LinkedIn
  • Make an appointment and pop in! 


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