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Coaching vs Tutoring

Is this just a difference in terminology?

“As a quality driven, evidence-based organisation, Vici’s success is measured against our vision, mission and values. Many strategic aims set the framework for what and how we will continue to deliver our work. This will ensure continued high impact, quality delivery, positive educational outcomes and improved language skills for our students.”

Language Co-ordinator

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So, what is language coaching all about?

Is this a new word for ‘tutoring’, a trendy way of introducing languages or… is there REALLY something in it for YOU? The latter, no doubt.

Helping you along the way

If you are visiting this page, you are most certainly driven and motivated to achieve goals. Whether your aim is to merely travel or live abroad, explore routes to a better career, find friends with the same interests or simply invest in your education, you need the perspective, professionalism and support of a language coach who will help you along the way with the obstacles and challenges you might encounter.
It is quite simple.

Tutors teach the rules of a language and ‘hold their students’ hands’ along the way. So you learn a bunch of stuff but what remains when you are on your own? Not a lot. You will always need a tutor. When the tutor goes; so does the expertise.

A coach on the other hand expects his/her clients to one day say: ‘That was great, thank you, I don’t need you any longer. I am confident, well aware and feel that I can do this on my own.’ A coach creates independent learners.

At VICI, coaches will guide you to success with proven language learning strategies.

This is what they have in store for you:

  • Consultation for rapport building
  • Evaluation Test to ensure we hit it right first time
  • Learning Style Assessment: are you more visual, auditory or kineasthetic?
  • Lesson plan with clear objectives and outcome, so you know where you are going!
  • ALL the above absolutely FREE of CHARGE!

And… Of course, as per the VICI promise: 100% Satisfaction or your money back guaranteed!

A lifelong love of languages...

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