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We believe that being bilingual is one of the keys to success in life.

“We take what we do very seriously, and our approach is based on my belief that languages should be a lifestyle and not just a school subject

Lisa Michanol,
French Language Coach

Welcome to the VICI Language Academy – the perfect place to give your child a great start and a truly competitive advantage.

At VICI, we exist to help you give your child the very best chance in life.

And we take that role very seriously.

Yes, the Academy is incredibly fun, and a great social experience for your child, but it’s also the very best place to come if you’re truly serious about helping your child to be bilingual, and opening up all the opportunities that come with that.

Our physical Academy is based in Newbury, and we’ve got a thriving online centre; however you want your child to learn, we’ve got you covered.

The benefits of language learning:

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware that language learning is hugely beneficial for a child’s development:

Helps develop cognitive skills

Encourages flexibility and creativity

Stimulates thinking skills

And in a multicultural world, learning a language isn’t just a way to pass the time after school – it’s a ticket to more opportunity.

A lifelong love of languages...

To discover how The VICI Language Academy can help you and your family to develop a lifelong love of languages, arrange a call with one of our friendly language experts

All our customers are protected by the VICI money back guarantee

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Your child’s learning option at VICI

Yes, the academy is incredibly fun and a great social experience for your child, but it’s also the very best place to come if you’re serious about helping your child to become bilingual, and opening up all the opportunities that come with that.

Download our brochure to see what we can do for your child.

Let’s go to France

Each year, we organise a very bespoke French experience for children aged 9 to 15; the five-day trip takes place during May half term in Jura, by the Swiss border. This immersion programme includes a day in a school, canoeing on the lake, dedicated time for French lessons, a pool and pizza party, a treasure hunt in the town… living a real French experience!

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Max & Sacha books, available to order

We know just how easily kids can pick up and retain new language skills, after all, we see it every day! Nathalie, our director was inspired by her boys and passion for languages to create the Max & Sacha series and we hope her books will make foreign languages fun, accessible and relevant to all who read them!

Get both books, audiobook & exclusive downloadable playing card game here

Little linguists community, another VICI benefit

Let your child experience the magic of a local ‘little linguists community’… as well as weekly language classes throughout the year, we also hold regular cultural and linguistic workshops so that your children experience a foreign language in many ways, and not only through classroom teaching.

Email us to enrol your child

All our customers are protected by the VICI money back guarantee

The Multi-Lingual Mindset

Bilingual language programmes are a niche within a niche: there aren’t that many parents who are willing or able to invest in their child’s bilingual education. And within that small pool, there are even fewer parents who see that our offering is substantially different from a club, getting your child to watch a foreign language tv programme or subscribing to an online course.

So today we want to talk about a somewhat nebulous concept which we’re going to call the “multi-lingual state of mind”.

Not sure of the best option for your child?

No problem, let us help you decide

We have a team of personal language programme advisors who can advise you on the right option and they’ll also be able to help you apply for a VIP voucher so you can save between £25 and £100.

First, pop your details below to get our online brochure that explains our programmes and membership options in more detail, then you can chat with a dedicated language advisor to get you on the right path.

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What our parents say

Jake has been with VICI since he was 3

He started with group sessions and really enjoyed how fun and social they were. In addition to language development, I also noticed how they helped his interpersonal, presentation and communication skills. Since March instead of attending the academy in person, we have been making the most of VICI’s online offering, which has been invaluable to us. Although online learning has always been an option we never considered it before because we live so close to the academy. Since moving to online we’ve found the small, focussed groups have been really beneficial and Jake is making great forward strides in speaking and comprehension. I can’t stress enough how VICI’s flexibility had made a difference to us: the ability to smoothly transition from group learning in-person to distance learning has been so successful for us I feel confident that we will continue with the online classes as a permanent measure.

Hilary Lee

Newbury, Berkshire

Putting the basics in place

I just want to say thank you to you and your team for the fantastic base you gave Noah and I to work from with regards to our French! I really feel that thanks to VICI, Noah had the basics in place so that he could start school confidently here, in France and being able to tailor my lessons meant that I could hit the ground running with all of the official things I needed to sort out! (Of course, both children are pretty fluent now and put me to shame, but I get by and each interaction helps me feel more integrated within the community.) So thank you!

Kate Ind

from the south of England to the west of France

Growing up with VICI

I can’t recommend VICI highly enough to others, you’ve created a wonderful model and Newbury is very fortunate to have you. I absolutely know that when Zac starts French at Park House in September, he will be approaching languages with confidence and an understanding that they are there to be enjoyed and played with, rather than simply rote learning. My intention was always to create a sense of fun and comfort for him, rather than the terrifying lessons I had at school with an absolute disciplinarian (although it did mean we all did our homework and NOBODY misbehaved)!

I would love him to spend another week in France with you all, he really enjoyed it and the immersive experience was fantastic!

Melissa Hughes


It’s more than just learning a language, it boosts confidence too!

Since Arthur has been coming to French at The VICI Academy, he has so much more confidence in himself and even wanted to go to the boulangerie and order breakfast for us all when we were in France on holiday for half term. He loves going and learning new things.

Jo-Amy Hopwood


I would highly recommend.

I am so pleased with the way VICI works with the children and that they do not seem to think of French lessons as work! Well done VICI teachers!

Gwen Berry


Just brilliant

The VICI has been brilliant for our son, who’s been attending since he was 3 years old. He goes twice a week with a lovely bunch of kids, his vocabulary is striving and the last time we were in France was confident enough to instigate conversation.

Steve Bowsher


Worth every penny

Fantastic, great fun and worth every penny!

Stuart Codling


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