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Why should you learn Japanese?

I’d love to learn Japanese, but I simply don’t have time!

There are no Japanese courses local to me.

I don’t have the confidence to start learning Japanese.

Do these sound like the excuses you’ve given yourself recently?  If so… stop!  The VICI Language Academy is here to convince you that, whether you want to learn a little basic Japanese or build on your existing skills, we can help

With the popularity of Japanese media – from films and music to video games and anime – more people than ever are trying their hand. From anime to sushi bars, karaoke to manga, bonsai to origami, Japanese culture has become part of international culture. A knowledge of the language will give you direct access to Japanese film, animations, and comic books, give you insight into the special terminology used in your favourite martial art, help you understand the cultural basis for kamikaze training and the origin of the samurai warrior, and develop your ability to order sashimi like a native at your favourite Japanese restaurant! Furthermore, because Japan has the 2nd largest economy in the world, being able to speak Japanese can bring valuable business opportunities

So… why come to us for your foray into this amazing language?  At the heart of the VICI approach is a firm belief that the best way to learn Japanese is through teaching methods that have been tailored to you. While there is nothing wrong with programmes like Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone or Preply, for those who are looking to learn Japanese fast, there simply is no one-size-fits-all-solution: the best programme to learn Japanese is one that has been crafted around your very own learning and personality type.

Nobody learns the same way – we really are all unique. Because of this, every facet of our offering is orientated towards your needs. Instead of following a rigid curriculum, which may well only work for some students, our methodology centres around understanding your specific needs, desires, and linguistic objectives.

Because you are looking for the best way to learn Japanese, our coaches take time to become familiar with your preferred learning style.  That way they can adapt their methodology to ensure it’s being delivered in the way that will be most effective for you.

Whether you’re looking for private Japanese coaching, group classes or an online Japanese course, we have exactly what you’re looking for.  And no matter whether you want to learn Japanese for adults or Japanese for children, we can promise you that all our Japanese coaches are native speakers, chosen carefully for their excellent linguistic capabilities and passion for what they do.


Our coaches utilise a communicative approach, which gives a very natural and hands-on experience of the language and is proven to help students become more confident in much less time.  And we advocate something called blended learning – a methodology that uses technology to combine both in-class and out-of-class learning. Doing this maximises the educational impact for students of all backgrounds and circumstances.

We are very happy to work at any level, from the most basic Japanese course to ongoing advanced Japanese lessons.  And if you’re already confident and speak Japanese to a high level we can help you keep your hand in with regular conversational sessions.

We offer the flexibility of learning online or at the Academy – or a mix of both!  Our beautiful premises are situated next to the scenic River Kennet in the Royal County of Berkshire, and if you want to learn Japanese in Newbury, there’s no more picturesque spot. The Academy has several learning environments, with big screens in the classrooms, comfortable seating and lots of resources.

And finally, because we know that value for money is important, while you can’t learn Japanese for free, we do provide a FREE 30-minute consultation to new clients, which allows us to understand lots more about you. Furthermore, all our customers are protected by the VICI Money Back Guarantee, completely unheard of in the language industry!

Our customers mean everything to us. Without them, there would be no VICI, it’s as simple as that. It’s something we remind ourselves of every single day. So to ensure we’re offering the best of the best, we have a Customer Care Promise: 27 things that we promise to deliver our customers.

We have a team of personal language programme advisors who can advise you what we offer that will best suit you – simply contact us with your details so we can arrange a chat with a dedicated language advisor to get you on the right path.

Interesting facts about Japanese:


The word “Japan” is a foreign word – Japanese people call their country にん (Nihon) or にっぽん (Nippon), which roughly translates to “Land of the Rising Sun”.

Japan uses three writing systems- the native Japanese alphabets hiragana and katakana and the Chinese characters called kanji. The three writing systems are used together, sometimes even within the same sentence.

There are no plurals in Japanese

There are also no articles – Japanese doesn’t differentiate between ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’.

You can make sentences using only verbs

Verbs aren’t conjugated for person or number, so once you’ve learned the base verb, you don’t have to memorise derivatives.

A lifelong love of languages...

To discover how The VICI Language Academy can help you and your family to develop a lifelong love of languages, arrange a call with one of our friendly language experts

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