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Andres Martinez

Both bilingual finance manager Andres Martinez and his adopted son Roma are students at the VICI Language Academy in Newbury.

Dad reveals the rather lovely story

“Well it was a few years ago, I was just reading a local newspaper and I saw local news about VICI and then approached them and I started just to study Russian. After that, I took my kid also, because I think they are good, really. Well, I’m trying to learn Russian, but not sure I am making a lot of progress, to be honest! It is my third language after Spanish and English.

“I chose Russian, firstly because my son Roma, comes from Russia. He’s adopted. Even though he has almost forgotten Russian, but I tried to have it there sometimes just to recover it from the back of his brain. And I thought that it was a good idea if I, myself, was also trying to learn.

Andres Martinez

“I also think that Russian is spoken by a large number of people and in the future, probably, it’ll be good just to have the knowledge of the language and it’ll be good for business, for many things to be honest.”

A life long love of languages...

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