Why A Second Language Is the Greatest Gift You Can Give A Child This Christmas.  

The science proves it – being bilingual keeps your brain fit!    Experiments have shown people who speak more than one language recover faster from a stroke; are more agile in their thinking; and are more resistant to the onset of dementia. Many foreign language speakers report better concentration levels and an increased ability to […] Read more »

Kinaesthetic Halloween costumes…

Last week,  I shared a really interesting article about how children learn language. (If you didn’t get a chance to read the article, you can do so here.)  This week I just wanted to expand on the article, and give you a few ideas to help any children in your life to learn the languages […] Read more »

Useless, French? We tell Paxo to get stuffed.

If Jeremy Paxman is to be believed “… the real problem with French is that it is a useless language.” He took a real pop at the language in an opinion column in the Financial Times, which was followed up by much of the media. Naturally, this sparked outrage among students here at the VICI […] Read more »

How Language & Culture bring people together

The people of France are well known for their hospitality so little wonder we gave regulars at the Fox in Peasemore a thoroughly warm welcome at our recent annual evening of all things French. The students at the VICI Language Academy pride themselves on being part of a community and at previous French evenings at the […] Read more »

Staving off dementia?

One of the reasons there is such a great atmosphere at the VICI Language Academy is because everyone who enrols to learn a language is passionate about it for a host of reasons – but imagine being compelled to learn a language until you left university! We’ve written before about the growing evidence that learning […] Read more »

New Year New Language?… (The "Resolution Month" hasn't ended yet!)


As 2016 is now well underway, did you resolve to do anything differently? A quick poll among friends reveals most people seem to be giving something up, cutting back to make a positive change. Surely it is harder to stop doing something than it is to try something new? Changing a bad habit is much […] Read more »

Jonny Wilkinson and the universal language of rugby

Amid the excitement of the 2015 World Cup it can be easy to dismiss the importance of learning another language in order to play another sport. Rugby, like many sports, is surely a universal language? The game speaks for itself and when ‘Les Bleus’ clash with a team does it matter if the rival players […] Read more »

Why foreign language software does not work.

The inadequacies of trying to learn a language simply by listening has long been recognised, no doubt why many turn to a new breed of linguistic attainment, that is software – both for computers and apps for smart phones – the answer in any language? In a word “no”, and we’re not just saying that […] Read more »

Three cheers for local champions of customer care (…and we are one of them!)

Customer service scaled even greater heights at Mercedes-Benz of Newbury when it played host to finalists from next month’s West Berkshire Business Awards (WBBA). The London Road Retailer is sponsoring the Mercedes-Benz of Newbury Customer Care Award and welcomed representatives from the trio of companies competing for the title which will be announced at an […] Read more »

Now my child learns languages at secondary, does she still need VICI?

“Well my daughter used to come to VICI when she was little but now she goes to Secondary school, she doesn’t really need you anymore… does she?” A great question that parents committed to their child’s language learning should ask and they are right to wonder. Here at VICI we’re thinking: ‘But you’ve built all […] Read more »

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