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Celebrating 10 years of language coaching

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Read our student stories and how The VICI Language Academy have helped in their success. Click on any of the images to read more.
David Buatois

David Buatois

An international career with Bayer meant David Buatois could not rely on his schoolboy English, so he turned to VICI Language Academy for an intensive six week tailored training course.

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Andres martinez

Andres Martinez

Both bilingual finance manager Andres Martinez and his adopted son Roma are students at the VICI Language Academy in Newbury.

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Andres martinez

Orlaith & Ophelia

You are never too young to learn a language as four year-old Orlaith Eaton and her two-year-old sister Ophelia prove.

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David & Jill Jesse

David & Jill Jesset

Here at the VICI Language Academy, however we truly do help people of all ages to learn a language and when it comes to VICI stalwarts Jill and David Jessett,they are learning three languages between them and are familiar and friendly faces at the Academy

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Charlie & Isabella

Charlie & Isabella

From spotting VICI Language Academy sweatshirts on neighbours to their children chatting with the locals in France

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Tilly & Mirabelle

Tilly & Mirabelle

We love all our students here at the VICI Language Academy and none more so than five-year-old Tilly and her little Sister Mirabelle, who has just turned three. I think the staff are just as proud as parents Simon and Emma Puryer of their children’s progress on our Linguist Masters Programme.

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David & Jill Jesse

Jess & Tom

If there was a family that embodies the spirit of the VICI Language Academy, that joie de vivre that comes with learning a language, it has to be the Kerrys, who have been with us since before the academy was launched!

Read Jess & Tom’s success story

Josie Owens

Josie Owens

One of the stars of the GCSE class is nine-year-old Josie Owens, who has been learning French since she was at nursery school.

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Tilly & Mirabelle

Samuel Turner

What do you do with a student who has lost his passion for French as the GCSEs approach? Naturally you return to the method that first inspired.

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