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imagesCAP32FOXIn the global marketplace more and more businesses are employing workers for whom English is not their first language as companies recognise the best person for the job may not be a native of this Emerald Isle.

If an employee has the right skills why should language be a barrier, especially when help is on hand from the multi-lingual team here at the Vici Language Academy in Newbury in Berkshire?

Clearly if it comes to health and safety issues then it is obvious why help learning a language should be on hand, however have you considered the difference language skills can make in the boardroom?

For example we recently helped a director who is French; he can speak excellent English and has no issues communicating day to day, however he contacted the Vici Language Academy after a series of board meetings.

He felt that the nuances were being lost in the boardroom on issues of culture and values, which are naturally of great importance to the direction and success of a business. The truth of what cultures and values represent should not be lost in translation.

It does not impact on day to day business, however within the important confines of the boardroom the nuances of important decisions can be lost in translation and this could have a real impact on the outcomes or implementation of resolutions.

We followed our trademark bespoke approach which means that before deciding what language programme will meet a client’s needs we ensure our understanding of their reasons for wanting to learn a language, their ability and crucially their learning style.

This way we can always be sure to tailor any language training we offer to meet the needs of a client together with their ability and the way they prefer to learn.

In this case it was further developing English language skills to better explain the nuances that are needed in the boardroom. Equally it could have been that French language skills were useful to other people at the company.

Here at the Vici Language Academy we pride ourselves on finding the right approach to help businesses flourish through effective language training whether that is in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese or even English as a foreign language.

If you face challenges in your boardroom through differences in languages do contact the Vici Language Academy as I’m sure we can help.

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