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Lando, our office dog, is really fond of our Manager, Laura !

Everyone loves him, the most gentle and affectionate of creatures.

I’ve always had dogs, and Lando has been in my life for nearly 3 years now.

Dogs are good for the soul, but they’re also a big commitment – time and money are not to be overlooked when making the decision to adopt a furry friend.

When I decided to welcome him into my home, many told me that I was making a mistake:

“You are too busy, you work long hours, you travel between France and the UK all the time… it’s not going to work, you’ll regret it, he’ll be with you for 10-15 years, are you sure?”…

I ignored all of that – I was convinced that having Lando would make my life better!

He’s super affectionate, I always have someone to talk to, he forces me to take a break when I work 12 hours flat…. and I hear that dogs are good for the heart too!

To me, the small, daily joys of having a dog far outweigh the commitments.

I’m writing this (whilst walking in the forest with him for an hour over lunch) and it’s reminding me of a previous email I shared recently of a client saying to me: “there’s never a right time to add something new to your life“.

If it’s worth it for you, you will find a way to make it work.

Ruth had been learning Spanish on and off for many years. She visited several Spanish-speaking countries in her lifetime and always had Spanish proficiency on her bucket list. She started many short courses. She used apps. And one day, she decided that she was in her early 50s and that there would never really be a good time to start learning Spanish unless she truly committed to her learning.

So, she didn’t think about it for too long and indeed, added something new to her life.

She joined our Special Summer Intensive Spanish Programme on Friday and it’s a privilege to have her as part of our enthusiastic community of linguists!

Ruth has been given the opportunity to study for hundreds of hours if she wants to! – but her programme structure and language objectives are based around 50 hours of learning, which is more than achievable in 24 weeks.

Just like Lando who could be running in the forest all day! – he also normally sleeps around 16 hours a day, sat by me in my office, and all I need to commit to, to make him super happy, is a golden hour running like crazy and chewing wood at lunchtime – and for that, I get the best of companions.

And for just 90 minutes a week, Ruth will get to achieve her wonderful lifelong personal goal of being conversational in Spanish.

If that sounds like you too, have a quick look here, and hit ‘reply’ for further info.

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