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RE8fEUPsJHZQFcYpjZy88vj2K2wAiGi4LVEx3XkXDsYOffering your child a bilingual education is not just about giving her the chance to speak another language, open her mind to different cultures but you will in the process, undoubtedly, make her more clever! Proven fact.

I remember a study carried out in the USA a few years ago… At the time, I had no intention of becoming a teacher, nor a parent for that matter, not yet anyway, but the results caught my eye simply because, at the time, I was working very hard  to become bilingual myself.

Researchers interviewed twenty children from the same social-economic class.  The one single difference between all was that half of them were monolingual whilst half of them were bilingual.

Whilst the various tests were carried out, not much difference was noted until children were asked to solve problems. The bilingual children achieved accurate results in half the time needed by monolingual children.

Further research from around the world have shown that bilingual people tend to do better in IQ tests compare with monolingual people and I sincerely hope that this is true, having spent a vast amount of time and efforts trying to become bilingual in the last ten years!

So YES, engaging your child on the road to bilingualism will open her mind to other countries and cultures, offer her greater career opportunities later on in life and for now, show her the road to superior academic performances.

That is to be discussed, bilingualism should perhaps become compulsory!


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