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I’ve been laying down the law this week; it’s my only choice with two teenagers in the house.

I’d imagine you’ve had to do some of the same.

My youngest son Max is 13, and despite being bilingual, he’s not exactly the language enthusiast you might imagine him to be.

In recent months, he’s made up his mind that he doesn’t like Spanish, but with not much homework on and hours to fill in the day, I told him that he’d be having a Spanish lesson on i.VICI with one of our Spanish coaches.

Cue grumpiness…

I managed to get him to tune in for his first lesson, and hoped he wouldn’t be rude to his coach!

And to my astonishment, he sat through the whole lesson and even admitted that he enjoyed it.

He had his second lesson last night and now he’s in the swing of things.

And I think I know why – for him, it’s entertainment.

Games, videos, chats with his coach; it’s helping fill his time with something that isn’t football on the PS4.

But as I watch from afar, I know that his “entertainment” is also his “education”, even if he doesn’t quite realise it yet!

Stealth mum wins again…

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