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As regular readers of my blog will know, I’m always seeing parallels in my life between entrepreneurship and learning languages. I really do believe that there are lots of similarities between running a business and learning to speak another tongue.

For example, passion. Most business owners get into what they do because they are passionate about it. And most people get into learning a language because there is something, they have a passion for: getting a better job, retiring abroad, going on holiday and so on.

But today, another similarity hit me, and that is that in language learning, just like in business, passion is not enough!

“Yes, to keep a business running you need passion, inspiration, motivation… but there is one other essential component and that is COMMITMENT.”

The same is true for learning a language.

It’s not an easy journey. It’s a fascinating one, but not easy. There is a lot to learn. Being passionate won’t make you fluent. You need to commit to practice, to repeat, to expose yourself to different situations, to do better. Sometimes it gets tough – you plateau and question the journey you’re on. But what gets you through these hard times is commitment. Finding solutions, moving forwards.

That’s when the magic happens.

In 2019 we invested in the French office. In 2020 we invested in new premises for VICI. So when COVID hit, it wasn’t welcome! This was meant to be the year where all our investment and hard work bore fruit!

But we’ve pulled through as a small business, succeeding in 2020 because my team and I made the commitment that we would make things work.

Our clients can say the same. Sometimes they have a lot of time to study their target language, sometimes not. Sometimes they are happy with their progress, sometimes less so.

“Sometimes they want to learn one on one, sometimes they lean towards groups. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that this is something they’ve committed to and they always find a way.”

I’m proud to say that this has been a great year for VICI – despite the challenges. And everyone who learns a language with us can say the same.

Thanks to commitment.

To learn more about The VICI and our commitment to excellence, arrange a call with one of our friendly language experts, and start your learning journey today – learn@thevici.com or 01635 444 24.

by Nathalie Danon

by Nathalie Danon

Academy Director

Nathalie is the award-winning linguist & entrepreneur behind the VICI Language Academy, VICI Language Dynamics, VICI Languages France and Nathalie Danon Coaching. Her mission is to deliver a lifelong love of languages to everyone: child, or adult in both personal and professional worlds.

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