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When we first launched our digital learning platform, i.VICI, there was a mixed reaction.

It’s fair to say that some people were resistant to the idea of online learning and instead preferred to rely on the more familiar.

That meant sticking with the tried and tested methodology of face-to-face learning.

But others embraced it immediately and appreciated the freedom that i.VICI brings to their learning, because it’s available anytime, anywhere.

Fast forward seven years and we’ve got a pandemic lockdown or three under our belts…

As a result, people’s minds have been opened to A LOT of things that they weren’t open to before.

Online meetings, working from home, and perhaps most importantly, online learning.

It’s still mixed, but we’ve seen plenty of people who have decided that they want to continue their learning online rather than returning to in-person coaching – which might never have happened before!

So, what are the main differences between the two?

If you’re using the right tool for the job, then effectively the online and in-person coaching options are VERY similar.

There have been improvements in online platforms like Skype and Zoom, but the inescapable truth is that they just aren’t custom-made language learning platforms.

They can’t ensure lively sessions.

They don’t provide excellent opportunities for interaction.

They don’t give you access to good resources.

But that’s because they’re meeting platforms that have tweaked their offering, rather than being purpose-built.

How does learning differ?

There are some things that you can do in person that just aren’t as easy to accommodate online – that’s the honest truth.

BUT, this never affects the quality of coaching. We’ve found innovative ways to adapt our learning, though…

For example, with some of our younger learners, we tend not to use activity books online.

That’s because seeing what has been written is trickier when you’re not in person, so instead, we use whiteboards and interactive games to make sure they’re getting the most out of the learning!

The main differences

The most significant differences between online and in-person learning comes into play when we start to explore client preference… and this is a MUCH more subjective question.

Because while online learning might be more flexible and offer students the opportunity to learn at a time that’s convenient to them, from anywhere in the world, face-to-face learning is simply more sociable.

But we all know that! More than a year of zoom calls, virtual meetings, and not being able to socialise in our personal lives, as well as professional lives, have proved that it’s just not the same.

The level of personal interaction you get with in-person learning might make all the difference for you – it depends on what your goals are and what your expectations are.

For many, the lessons and experience are a part of their language journey, while for others, the online offering provides the convenience they’re looking for, so they can fit it in whenever they get the chance.

Our online platform, i.VICI, has given some people the chance to join where they might never have been able to before. For those with irregular schedules, jam-packed calendars, and those who travel, online learning is the ideal solution to make it work for them.

The face-to-face experience

For many, the chance to attend the VICI Academy and engage with in-person lessons provide that community they’re looking for.

They can share their experiences in person, and they appreciate the collaborative environment.

Plus, leaving the house or their place of work to participate in 121 or group sessions in a different environment can be advantageous for many.

Just putting yourself in a different situation can help your mindset and aid your learning, simply because you’re in a better mood and in the right frame of mind to listen, learn and achieve!

The online experience

Our clients who are learning for work, preparing for an exam, or who lead lives with varying schedules which require a lot of travel might sometimes prefer to have their coaching sessions online.

The added flexibility it provides is invaluable for many, and there are many obvious benefits to this way of learning.

What are my options for online learning?

At VICI, we don’t just offer one package to suit all – because we know that everyone is unique.

That’s why we offer three different strands of online learning: 121 Private Coaching, Group Coaching and On-demand Online Learning.

121 Private Coaching – We have expert coaches in 11 modern foreign languages, and through our 121 Private Coaching, our coaches will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Through our purpose-built video conferencing platform, we’ll help you to master the language you’re learning.

Group Coaching – Many of us enjoy the experience of learning with peers beside us. But getting to a language centre can be a barrier to this.

With i.VICI, that barrier simply isn’t there. Hop online and join your group session, connecting with both your coach and the other students, all while becoming proficient in the language you love.

On-demand Online Learning – As well as live coaching, we also offer on-demand online learning. That’s where you’ll work through modules at your own pace, which is great for those looking for a bit more flexibility.

Generally, our students find that this works as a great supplement to either 121 or Group coaching.


At VICI, we put our client needs at the heart of everything we do.

Because of that, we can provide a tailor-made approach for you that incorporates both online and in-person elements that suit you or your families’ requirements.

We know that everyone is different, and everyone’s circumstances are unique, so we’ll always make sure that the programme works for you – because that’s what matters.

We also organise a host of FREE cultural and linguistic events throughout the year!

All our events are fun, educational, and they enhance your learning. Each one provides a great opportunity (or excuse!) to use your language skills in a different, practical context.

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