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I’m lucky enough to be writing this blog post from sunny Fuerteventura, where I’m spending a working week.

I love it here; unpretentious, sunny-but-not-too-hot, cocktails on tap and breathtaking walks by the volcanos… And yes! I will be doing a bit of work this week too.

Being here has really made me want to get serious about learning Spanish. 

I’ve been talking about it for years – I’ve started, then stopped and… let’s face it, I haven’t been the most diligent of students. That’s not easy for me to admit, given that I give advice on how to learn languages all day and every day..!

Did you see my video in our private Spanish Facebook community

It was my way of making a public commitment to my learning – once and for all! (Doing what I do, I have very few excuses…) 

Each morning, I do some gentle practice in the Lingua Attack ‘Starter Lab” to get a good grasp of all the basics. It’s a brilliant digital platform full of great and easy-to-follow content.

I really enjoy it! It’s interactive and very well-structured for self-study material. I write a few notes in my learning diary and I truly feel that I am making small but very steady progress. 

But I also really enjoy social opportunities to practice my skills. Everyone here on the island is lovely and I never miss an opportunity to try my new knowledge out in the shops! 

If, like me, you’d like to make serious strides towards being competent in Spanish with:

  • an agenda that fits within your busy schedule
  • resources accessible in and outside of the classroom 
  • group classes to benefit from a real sense of community with like-minded individuals
  • 1:1 for some personalised language coaching

…then you may want to check our NEW Discovery Programme out.

We will be launching two levels by application only – one for novices like myself (everyone has to start somewhere!) and a more advanced one for students looking to push their Spanish language skills to the next level.

Check out all the programme information here.

To find out more, email “Discovery” to learn@thevici.com along with a little about you and your interest in Spanish, and someone will get right back to you!

 Okay. I think it’s time for sangria!

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