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At the VICI Language Academy, we love LOVE – so here’s a super romantic story we wanted to share with you!

Friend of the VICI Eric is French, and his lovely wife Jo decided she wanted to learn his native tongue in order to be able to better communicate with his family (we already love this heartfelt gesture!)

But to make things even more charming, Eric didn’t want Jo to feel unsupported on her language quest, and so he decided that at the same time, he would start his own linguistic journey to learn Mandarin!

Their shared learning journey has become a new kind of date night for them – they come to the Academy together and enjoy their separate lessons, then go on to enjoy a drink or a bite to finish up the evening.

Could there be anything more romantic?!

Even better, we are utterly delighted that there are wedding bells in the air, and that Jo and Eric will be getting married later this year!

We know that it’s often more fun to learn with someone else, so (subject to availability and until the end of February 2022), the first FIVE couples (romantically-involved or not!) who contact The VICI enquiring about starting programmes with us will be eligible for a very special offer.

So get your skates on and get in touch – your perfect language partner awaits!

Read more about what we can offer at The VICI website, call 01635 44424 or email learn@thevici.com for one of our advisors to get back to you or book a consultation to find about what we can offer.


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