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Ir4E2eadSgX_P0Z5TrVfgRuttr-10QgUmJka6d__-9I-2You must have heard the idiom ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ and certainly when learning English such phrases can be both insightful and tricky!

However, here at the VICI Language Academy we use the idiom to describe why our classes are so successful whatever the foreign language learning!

Think about it… the chances are when you started to learn French or German at school you were in a class where plenty of the children were not interested. Did that turn you off learning?

Even if you chose a language to learn from the age of 14 there is a good chance some of your classmates were not that keen about learning a foreign language. And remember schools are teaching you how to pass an exam and we talked about this recently in another blog.

So as far as early foreign language learning was concerned you were all different birds flying off in different directions and that in itself challenges the best of teachers to move a class forward.

That is where adults learning at VICI differ so very much. They have chosen to learn and committed for a host of different reasons – all important enough to motivate them and they understand how much they each want to learn, so they support one another every step of the way.

This makes learning a language here at VICI so much more powerful and fun than any other attempts you might have made in the past, whether at school or by yourself.

The classmates at VICI share a goal to thrive and enjoy learning their chosen language, which is why these particular birds are of a feather that truly flock together – and learn together.

Why not contact us today and find out when you could pop in to the VICI Language Academy in The Arcade at the heart of Newbury and check out some of our classes.

You’ll see just how friendly our clients are with their fellow classmates – and with prospective foreign language learning classmates too! You certainly will not ruffle any feather, to quote another phrase!

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