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No. The Immersion Factor is not the latest reality television show to reach our screens – although if it were it would make for remarkable viewing as children became bilingual at a very young age.

You may already be familiar with the idea? Perhaps you know someone who found themselves in a corner of the world where English was not the chosen tongue and they discovered how quickly they learned the local language simply by being immersed in it.

The principle is the same and when it comes to young children; it is a winning approach that is transforming the potential life choices of those who come to the VICI Language Academy in the heart of Newbury to learn a language.

You sometimes hear people talking about how ‘easy’ it is for young children to learn a second language – or a third, fourth or fifth even. It isn’t ‘easy’, the reality is they have not long learned their mother tongue and associating sounds with meanings is straightforward for them. They do not learn as quickly however – remember they are just young children!

Of course we make learning fun for the children (we make it fun whatever your age when you come here!) and this helps the new language to stick in their memory and allows you to build a vocabulary over time and this is all done in a wraparound environment that will support and encourage them and make many aspects of learning a game.

What they love here at the VICI Language Academy is that Immersion Factor (hence the reason why our management insists on investing so much in beautiful dedicated premises!); from the moment a student arrives to learn French they will hear French songs in the background, watch French cartoons, discover the walls are covered with French posters and the teaching materials will be French (some books are used in French schools) and of course the coach will be fluent in French too – and the experience will be the same in Spanish.

This is a powerful approach that they will embrace without question and their young enquiring mind will engage with the fun approach to learning and you will soon have a bilingual child.

I’m sure you can imagine the difference knowing a second language could make to your child? Arriving at school already fluent in French is a remarkable foundation and will normally ensure they want to continue to learn the language and others too, all ensuring that your child grows up ready for the demands of the global marketplace.

Get in touch with the VICI Language Academy today to find out more about how the Immersion Factor could work for your child and to arrange for them to visit us soon.

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