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jpgWhether a businessman or a tourist, one of the first phrases anyone wants to learn before travelling to a foreign country is how to ask for a coffee – so perhaps not surprising that Cappuccinos, Lattes and Americanos will be at the ready, just for you, from 9am this Saturday!

The inviting aroma of coffee will be percolating through Arcade House where the friendly babble of 10 different languages will be heard – or even 11 when you realise we teach English too!

Life is always busy at VICI as we are now into our fifth year of business and growing rapidly (especially since our Director, Nathalie Danon-Kerr won an Entrepreneur of the Year Award just before Christmas) so holding a successful Open Day is our chance to invite you, to come in and ‘sit down and relax’. (PS: we promise not to test your language skills but to inform you and advise you on the best language techniques around and mostly, the most appropriate for you)

Let Victoria, April or Celia guide you around our quirky, homely and surprisingly spacious Academy! It is our annual Open Day and we would love if you could join us!

You are welcome to register your attendance by sending us a quick email: celia@thevici.com request a complimentary half hour consultation or simply turn up! We would be delighted to see you there!

Oh, and of course, we will have… Lots of great offers and vouchers available for committed learners!

Learn French, Improve your Spanish, Excel in Italian, Dare Arabic, Mandarin, Turkish or Polish…. Your trip starts here!

A samedi! Nos vemos! A presto!

01635 522410



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