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0055807It has never been easier to communicate without actually meeting up with someone – emails, texts, Whataspp, Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts or you might even send a letter! The point is we often resort to one of these methods rather than meet face to face.

We know in our hearts that face to face meetings are more valued than any other communication method and while friends might forgive us and busy business contacts tolerate it as a necessary evil, what happens when one of the parties does not speak your language?

Suddenly the tools that supposedly make it easier to communicate represent a challenge that would prompt many to simply not engage with businesses that do not speak their language, dismissing the opportunities they might bring.

This is understandable when writing in another language presents difficulties, for even if you have your messages translated they may not represent the nuances of your message, and certainly not the non-verbal communication that comes with face to face meetings.

However, speaking another language is surprisingly accessible when you work with VICI Language Dynamics (The VICI Language Academy sister company).

Speaking a foreign language, or at least some words can transform the power of a face to face meeting and you already know that in your heart. Think how impressed you are when someone speaks English when it is not their first language, or when they say a few words. You find it powerfully, respectful and the same happens when we make an effort to speak another language.

Consequently face to face meetings with another language can actually be even more powerful than when you all speak the same language.

With VICI Lanuage Dynamics we can help you learn and master 10 different languages with native speakers offering their expertise to help you understand not only the language but the culture.

If it is suddenly important that your business can conduct face to face business in another language and there is simply no time, or perhaps the right personnel has to learn how to speak the needed foreign language, we can still help.

VICI Language Dynamics can assist you in recruiting the right staff with the required language skills.

We do this…

  • through assessing and shortlisting candidates,
  • using our native speakers to assess ability 
  • offering additional training if required – say for example specific technical language.

The result is someone who can represent you in those important face to face meetings.

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