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We have had such wonderful reactions and feedback lately about our language coaching programmes!

So why do we work with coaches and not tutors?

Well, all individuals coming to meet us at the academy are driven and motivated to get their goals.

Whether their aim is to holiday or live abroad, explore routes to a better career, find friends with the same interests or simply invest in their education, all have a single-minded focus to achieve the goal they have set themselves.

And for this, they need the perspective, professionalism and support of a language coach that will help them along the way with the obstacles and challenges they might encounter.

Our coaches are thinking of long term goals, not just short term solutions for their clients’ studies and will guide them to success with proven language learning strategies.

Tutors plan, structure and deliver lessons. Coaches go beyond, motivate, inspire and challenge.

At VICI, our aim is to enable multilingual performances. We demonstrate this by helping people to perform at their best by using a coaching model that creates insight, motivates and is outcome focused.

By focusing in these areas, individuals will have a model for high performance in other areas of their life – this is VICI’s added value commitment to its students!

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