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The people of France are well known for their hospitality so little wonder we gave regulars at the Fox in Peasemore a thoroughly warm welcome at our recent annual evening of all things French.

The students at the VICI Language Academy pride themselves on being part of a community and at previous French evenings at the Fox, had attracted interest from regulars intrigued by the fun and games and not least the unique French menu laid on for the event.

“We always have a great time at the Fox,” explained Nathalie Danon, who founded the VICI Language Academy. This time we threw the invitation open and together with our students we attracted other guests, and together we shared our passion of France and the French language. There was great bonding amongst them and wonderful seeing how language and culture can get people together.”

Such an event is all part of the proud VICI ethos of blended learning. It is not just about learning in the classroom, it is about be immersed in French and confronted by the language in its many shapes and forms. It makes learning much more fun and it sticks in a way it never did in the classrooms of your schooldays.

The event at the Fox demonstrated how the French department at the VICI Language Academy, at Arcade House in the heart of Newbury, is creating a ‘real community’ of linguists and the evening at the Fox truly demonstrated this.

It is a great illustration that learning at VICI isn’t just about evening sessions after work. Students get several opportunities per week to choose from ranging from private coaching to events and fun in the classroom and even through the online platform iVICI. This runs throughout the year and offers a real language programme, with native French speakers offering real experience of the language.

Nathalie Danon again:

“Our full programme of events are organised by our Head of French, Valerie Lucat and from events like the one at the Fox are about culture, which was all about French food and socialising like only the French know how! Others celebrate the language or can be revision sessions for those taking exams. We are very responsive to our students individual needs.”

Whether you feel like you missed out on a great night at the Fox in Peasemore (you did!) or are hungering for the chance to learn that language that eluded you at school through to the myriad motivations for people to learn French, come along to VICI and find out how. (01635 813 273)


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