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The science proves it – being bilingual keeps your brain fit! 


Experiments have shown people who speak more than one language recover faster from a stroke; are more agile in their thinking; and are more resistant to the onset of dementia. Many foreign language speakers report better concentration levels and an increased ability to multi task – all vital skills in our non-stop modern world. As coping mechanisms for a 21st century life go – being bilingual is ticking a lot of boxes!

Not convinced yet?

Well what if I told you bilingual children have done better in both verbal and non-verbal intelligence tests and display a greater sense of empathy with their peers. When it comes to cultural experiences, people who speak a second or even third language enjoy a deeper, more authentic experience when they travel. It’ s one thing to witness the world in translation, it’s quite another to absorb it first-hand. From understanding the exchanges of passers-by; to exploring menus; being able to speak the lingo makes for a far better holiday and enables you to talk to a whole lot more people.

It’s estimated over 70% of the world’s population speak in more than one tongue suggesting the human brain has evolved to cope with more than one language. Yet every two weeks a language dies out forever; we are losing them at a staggering rate.

At Vici we are passionate about sharing our lifelong love of languages with our students. We teach young and old, from 2 to 82, and are always here to chat to anyone considering a bilingual future.

Will you make 2017 the year of language? 

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