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2002… When it all began!

2020… 20 year anniversary!

I arrived in the UK in September 2000 with a failed degree from a French law school, with just a suitcase and a little money in my pocket, but with big ambitions to make the most of my bilingualism.

Two years later and deluded by office jobs, I placed an ad in a village shop offering French lessons. 

When I realised just how much I loved teaching languages, I focused my efforts and formed my first company: Bleu Blanc Rouge and for six years, I taught French in primary schools in the UK across three different counties, running clubs and teaching individuals.

By the end, I was working with 625 students every week!

But I began to be frustrated by the limitations that came from being on the road (term-time only sessions, limited resources etc) and started to explore ways of improving the learning environments, through immersion and consistency.  The answer was for me to grow the business into a full-time, professional language academy and…

 The VICI Language Academy was born in July 2008.

Over the years my team and I have served thousands of students, and we still remain passionate about…

  • teaching and promoting the language and culture I have inherited
  • working closely with parents to bring a greater awareness of modern foreign languages
  • giving children the best possible guidance and direction
  • inspiring them to become bilingual and enhancing their potential
If you are the parent of children aged 3 to 11 looking to make a positive start in their language education, we’d love to be able to help – so do get in touch!
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