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Are you sure you feel 100% safe in your current job?

Pause and think about this for a moment:

  •       Most organisations these days deal with international colleagues, partners and associates.
  •       There are no more borders when it comes to business!
  •       People travel at the drop of a hat, companies open offices abroad for economies of scale
  •       Social media has brought the world to our computer screens.

So, what does this mean? It simply entails that monolingual people will very soon, be past their sell by date in the workplace! 

I’ll give to you, reading this post, you are likely to be English. That’s lucky; I had to work hard for years to write this blog in your language today!

So, why speaking a foreign language when the rest of the world speaks English?

Simple. You can tell yourself that you own the international language so you are safe. You wouldn’t be completely wrong. But you can be a little more realistic and realise that the world is moving and evolving and unless you have a wicked idea that’s going to change the world or you are part of the Steve Jobs’ legacy and ensured a fortune, you need SKILLS or your sell by date gets even closer!

Let me tell you a story about my friend John: he was the UK Sales Director of the biggest database provider in the world. This meant that his workload was extremely heavy. When he decided to move on for a new and less demanding position, he found the perfect job and thought he had it in the bag! To his shock, he didn’t! Someone else, of the same brilliant calibre, had walked in the interview room, speaking French!

I got a ‘3 for one’ there: for one situation, I got 3 clients. You will have guessed the first one: John himself. The others: John’s children. ‘I never want that to happen to them’ he said. ‘They must speak a second language.’

Speaking a foreign language WILL make a difference to you or your children.

Regardless of your reasoning, aspiration and desire, The VICI Language Academy is the place where to start! Call us on 01635 522 410 or learn@thevici.com for a trial at no cost and no obligation in some fourteen different foreign languages!

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