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Learning a foreign language is such a rewarding experience and can add so much pleasure to your travel and various cultural experiences; but, despite all our efforts, sometimes our great expectations turn into dismal disappointments.

I often use an analogy between learning a language and growing a plant: the perennial border in your backyard is supposed to be a vision of beauty, a miniature copy of the one you may have seen at The Chelsea Flower Show. Instead, it’s untidy and overgrown. The delphiniums are growing too closely together and the colour selections of your phloxes are just not harmonious….

Complex terminology and lack of results?

How much better it would be if you had solid, step-by-step advice on how to plan and control that border. How satisfying it would be if someone looked after you and showed you the logical steps to learn a foreign language, and learn it well.

Now you can understand how to develop a truly effective study plan so you are practicing French, Spanish, Italian, German or Portuguese, progressing steadily, yet having fun doing so!

  • Work out how best you learn a language: is it by reading, listening or writing?
  • Put a plan into action with set objectives, listed topics and assessment criteria

That beautiful African violet you bought last Spring – Look at it now: cultivated, vivacious and nifty! You have learnt how to satisfy its needs.

Just like your language skills!

At The VICI Language Academy, with the support and professional advice of all our 14 in-house language coaches, we invite you to see for yourself how practical, how complete and how easy to follow our language programmes are.

Turn your ‘language garden’ into a breathtakingly beautiful, well maintained and strong field!

Ask for a brochure! It costs nothing to do so and it is the best way of seeing for yourself how eager we are to help you learn a language!

You are well and truly on your way to bilingualism!

Here’s to your linguistic success!

The VICI Team

01635 522410

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