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Are you a busy professional? Are you always juggling your commitments? Do you feel like there’s never any time left for your own priorities, even if it’s something you’d really love to do like learning a new language? Well, don’t worry – The VICI is here to help.


We know it can be difficult for busy working people, entrepreneurs and business owners to find time to learn a new language. Between work, family commitments and other obligations, it’s often hard enough just to squeeze in a few hours of sleep each night! While it’s not impossible to achieve your language learning objectives, it does take commitment. And sometimes finding that commitment just feels like it’s one step too far.


I’ve been trying to learn Spanish off and on for ages, but I have to confess that I haven’t been the most diligent of students. It’s not for want of desire, but – pulled in so many different directions at once – I keep letting myself get distracted from my objective.


However, I recently spent a working week in Fuerteventura and it gave me the opportunity to reinvigorate my enthusiasm and remind myself how much I want to make may Spanish learning journey work.


But it also really underlined for me that learners will only be truly engaged if the way they’re learning meets their individual needs.


At The VICI we have always been proud of the fact that our offering is uniquely bespoke, tailored to our clients’ individual needs and requirements. Not only do we take into account their availability and preferred learning style, we also factor in whether they respond better to online or in-person learning and provide a range of different learning resources when designing their programme.

We pride ourselves on finding the best learning route that works for our clients.

In order to do this:

  • We can assess your learning level
  • We review where you want to get to
  • We make sure we understand your budget
  • We look at how many hours you can make available
  • We take time to understand your existing commitments and diary availability
  • We talk with you about whether you want to learn in groups or one on one
  • We find out whether you want to learn in person or remotely
  • We look at whether you want to incorporate online resources into your programme
  • We evaluate whether you’re a good candidate for self-study or need external motivation
  • We review your communicative style and personality colour and how this informs your approach to learning
  • We invite you to join our learning community to keep you involved

If you want to do something for yourself,

then now is the time! 

To find a learning programme that will work around your commitments

call 01635 44424, email us or book a consultation to find about what we can offer.

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