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As a matter of fact, I told my sister, who always knew she wanted to teach that I really didn’t understand her motives. ‘It’s quite boring, Steph, it doesn’t even pay well. Oh okay, you’ll get lots of holiday.’

Then, one day, I realised that what I truly loved was being surrounded by people, adapting to their strengths and understanding their weaknesses. I liked the idea that we should believe in everyone’s potential and help people grow. I enjoyed relationships that lasted, based on acceptance and support.
What could I possibly do that encountered all this? TEACH, may be?!

I chose foreign languages as my medium. Why? Never once have I met a person who hasn’t told me that he or she wouldn’t love to speak at least one foreign language. It is not so much about people’s ability to learn, their willingness to challenge themselves or even about personal development. It is about the connection we feel when we share the same language and culture.

The sense of belonging and achievement that derives from imagining yourself greeting new people in their mother tongue; or participating in that very exciting discussion in a different language is quite simply amazing!

When five years ago, the Independent newspaper said that I was ‘an inspirational teacher’, it gave me a true sense of purpose.  It wasn’t about languages; it wasn’t about teaching. It was about inspiring others.

Starting innocently, my main goal is now to build a business that will inspire people to attempt the same experience… Be it to help people with foreign languages or build a business based around languages.

This is why The VICI Language Academy was created 4 years ago… To ignite the communication revolution and inspire others!

VICI is NOT a traditional language school; it is a community of local people with a strong sense of belonging and the same desire and aspirations. Our staff inspires their students. Our students inspire other students. It is all based on sharing and caring.

There are really only two ways we can influence others: by manipulating them (buy my language course and speak French in 2 weeks) or inspire them to one day, conquer that all impossible dream of becoming bilingual. We hope to achieve the latter.

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