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photo (7)Walking the dogs is a daily joy that I would never be without (see picture on the left, I have no less than four!), not least because I truly envy their boundless energy and seemly fresh approach to the familiarity of life.

The daily dog walks naturally will often cover some of the same familiar ground that to us has seemingly changed little, but to the dogs it holds untold promise and they will rush forth searching out new smells and changes which they have complete faith the familiar terrain will hold.

Contrast this with how we often approach routine? Think back to how you felt when the routine of the school timetable ticked around to French or German perhaps? Did you groan and decide before entering the classroom that the lesson would be the same old repetition? Perhaps it was!

What if we could spend a day in a dog’s paws, how differently might we view the routine?

It is a fresh approach to learning that inspires every lesson here at The VICI Language Academy in Newbury where we seek to banish the best forgotten approach to learning languages and offer something much more exciting and engaging.

Here at The VICI Language Academy we want learning to be fun to inspire that boundless energy for learning that our dogs show, but with an exciting skill to show for your commitment.

We believe learning should be about the language itself; helping you to communicate effectively in any one of 11 different languages is more important than learning the grammar – that can come later once you have learned to love the language of your choice.

So next time you are walking your dog, or you see someone else walking theirs, just watch how they approach the world, and imagine how much fun languages could be with a fresh approach.

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