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As you might know, in January, we moved the VICI Language Academy into brand new premises.

And not just any old premises – modern, comfortable, luxurious, state-of-the-art – the VICI Language Academy really is a very pleasant place to be and the ideal learning environment.

When we opened the doors after the Christmas break, we were incredibly excited about 12 months of language learning in our beautiful new space.

We all know where the story went from there.

The pandemic gave us no choice but to shut our doors in March.

But unlike many other businesses, we were fortunate – we could continue to operate, using our purpose-built online software to continue helping our students to learn, and provide much-needed education and entertainment during a challenging time for the whole world.

We’re very grateful to our fantastic, loyal customers who made the switch with us, and over the past three months, the Academy has continued to go from strength to strength.

Following the announcement that all non-essential shops could open from yesterday, we’ve been busy over the last few weeks making preparations.

But there won’t be a great wave, where all students rush back at once.

Over the coming days, we will start welcoming back a few people, but many of our students will still do the majority of their learning online.

And over the next three months, we will filter all of our students back in, slowly, surely and safely until we’re back up to full capacity.

We’re able to approach this gradually thanks to three things:

  1. Our incredibly talented coaches, who have been able to provide the same high level of coaching throughout this situation
  2. Our amazing customers, who have all displayed a tremendous ‘can do’ attitude as we moved online
  3. Our world-class online learning platform, which means that wherever you are in the world, you still access the same high-quality coaching

Yes, we want to be properly back in our amazing, physical Academy, and up to a full complement of coaches and students. And we will be, hopefully by the end of the summer.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to do what we do best – whether online or in-person – helping people discover a lifelong love of languages.

by Nathalie Danon

by Nathalie Danon

Academy Director

Nathalie is the award winning linguist & entrepreneur behind the VICI Language Academy and VICI Language Dynamics. Her success in helping people discover and learn new languages has earned her the moniker ‘the Jamie Oliver of Languages’
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