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Expose yourself. Yes, really!

Our ability to learn new words is directly related to how often we are exposed to these new words. So go ahead, expose yourself: a little bit, often, as much as you can and you will soon get there, I promise!

My first real language exposure was in America, as an au pair. This meant that I was unbeatable at baby talk within a short period of time. My subsequent experience was in a pub in Manchester.  Pub talk? I was brilliant at that too. Perhaps not the classiest of language but hey, I was progressing! And the Mancunian accent soon replaced my French twang.

Think about babies, kids who move countries several times during their childhood; Dr Sulzberger calls it ‘massive exposure’. Babies and kids learn a new language naturally and they do it fast, simply by being fully exposed to it.

Research has shown that, when constantly exposed to a new word, the brain will store it in less than 15 minutes. Yes, 15 minutes only. Now that is enough to get any skeptic to give it a try, isn’t it?

So go on;  TV, radio, books, magazines, social media. Surround yourself with the new language you want to learn!  ‘Dynamic immersion’ will help build new neural pathways in the brain and within no time, you will find yourself thinking in two languages.

This is why The VICI Language Academy in Newbury has its own dedicated premises and offers flexi memberships so students, whether hobbyists or academics, can experience the language through an immersive teaching style. Learning French, Learning Spanish, Learning Mandarin? Worth the try, definitely! learn@thevici.com

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