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a-good-first-impression-is-crucial-in-making-a-saleHave you ever been on holiday and made the effort to speak the local lingo? The rich reward of warmer response to your efforts can be amazing and will make your travel experience all the richer.

Even if you have not experienced the joy of speaking the local language first hand you will no doubt know someone who has revealed how fabulous their holiday was thanks to a mastery of the local language.

Maybe they even learned French, German, Spanish – or indeed any of the 11 languages taught at The VICI Language Academy through our packages aimed at holidaymakers?

Imagine the difference if you have learned a new language not for a holiday that might last a few weeks, but for a career move that could transform your life? Could it mean promotion? Or perhaps with the global marketplace recruiting on your doorstep such an opportunity could beckon.

A great example came recently when The VICI Language was contacted by a senior executive who had just been shortlisted for a Managing Director post with a UK subsidiary of a Portuguese parent company.

The interviews had all been in English and there was no requirement to speak Portuguese, however he had picked up some disappointment that the person he would be replacing had never made any effort to learn Portuguese.

This was the end of the week with the final interview due to take place on the Monday with the Portuguese owners of the company flying in to see the shortlisted candidates.

The Academy moved fast and created a bespoke and very intensive Portuguese language programme that spanned the weekend and prepared the executive to meet and greet the Portuguese owners in their native tongue and explain that he saw learning the language of the parent company as fundamental to the role.

Of course it is hard to tell how influential spending that weekend learning Portuguese turned out to be, but our client is now the Managing Director of that firm after impressing the owners in that final interview and the training proved really useful when he was asked to spend time in Portugal at the parent company.

Could learning a language help you land that dream job? Could it mean promotion or relocation with your existing employer? Many firms actually provide funding for such learning and The VICI Language Academy is used to liaising with companies.

If you would like to learn a language to enhance your career then contact us today! (01635 522410)


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