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Did you know it is a similar passion for getting children speaking a second language that earned the founder of the VICI Language Academy, Nathalie Danon-Kerr, the moniker ‘The Jamie Oliver of Languages’?

The chef himself has given his blessing for the use of his name and a recent successful French Day at St. Nicolas School in Newbury proves the nickname is well deserved!

Nathalie explains: “Primary French Days like the recent one at St. Nicolas School are part of the VICI Legacy; we want to go into schools for a whole day to prove to the children they need to learn a foreign language while making it fun with a host of immersive activities, much like the way we teach at the academy.

“It is cross curriculum and the children really enjoy it and get to study familiar subjects in a soon to be familiar foreign language. They get to role play and really do learn some French and the most engaged and enthusiastic children receive a certificate to say they’ve taken part and worked very hard. All go home with a ‘French’ goody bag! ”

The event is delivered entirely free of charge to primary schools throughout West Berkshire and the VICI Language Academy is currently drawing up a tour of schools within the district and is keen to hear from teachers who would like to host such an educational and fun event.

Initially there is a meeting with the head teacher to explore what hosting a French Day would entail and then with a date agreed a letter goes out to parents to explain what the day will entail and they can always opt out if they wish.

Normally held on a Friday there is a strong demand for the French Day and whether a teacher or a parent who would like to see such an event in their child’s school, contact the academy today.

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