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andy-murray_2272154bWhen Andy Murray set about defending his Wimbledon title, he got off to a flyer – three matches, 9 straight sets, absolutely clinical.

But when his Wimbledon world fell apart after defeat to Grigor Dimitrov on the 2nd of July, Murray had some thinking to do. What next?

‘What next?!’ – That’s a brave question.

I’d be in tears – depressed for weeks, and barely able to look at a tennis ball, let alone work with one for six hours a day.

But for the pros, serious about reaching the final and lifting the trophy – there is little point in being down in the dumps for long.

They need to look at the bigger picture, work out what went wrong, get the right people behind them, and go again!

Playing tennis, learning a language… Same thing!

Quitting is an option – and it’s often the easiest one – but that’s not what the best students do! And as a dedicated language student, this is certainly something for you to bear in mind (in case that beautiful sunshine makes you grab a beer and sit back… Far, far away from those French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Turkish or English manuals!)

Have a great week!

Nathalie DK
PS: Remember that we are open, as normal, throughout the summer! NO excuse!

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