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Amid the fun that learning a language brings to students who come to the VICI Language Academy, they can be forgiven for not sparing a thought on how their language coach stays on top of their game.

However, just because few think of it, this does not mean it isn’t at the forefront of my considerations. I firmly believe that those who come to VICI to learn everything from the most popular French, through to any of the other 12 languages, deserve to know the team who teach are the very best.

Every Tuesday afternoon I host my Language Coaching Clinic for team here at VICI, where they can ask any questions and just last week the team took time out from teaching for a spot of learning and focused on a simple, but effective, agenda.

1. Communication

VICI is happy to be a small company and we work so closely together, all the time, that it can feel like we are always busy, often multi-tasking. However, I think we should always recognise that great communication take time and effort and I want the team to feel they can communicate and expect them to contribute.

2. We are part of the teaching profession

We are fortunate to be treated with the respect that teachers earn by their commitment to learning; indeed, our language teachers are professionals. However, that doesn’t mean you always have all the answers and at VICI I recognise this can make it challenging to admit the sometimes, you ‘don’t know’. I want to make sure our team members feel confident enough to ask for help.

3. New team members

As businesses seek out our services and want to learn different languages, we will find the right staff to meet their requirements. As such, in the last three or four weeks, we have had three new members join and it is important that they feel part of the team, and understand our approach to helping people learn linguistics. We want them to feel well supported and know how to ask for help as they meet their students and deliver great language learning.

4. Expectations

We work in partnership with our staff and it is important they have the support to deal with the individuals and groups they teach and they are right to expect that. In turn, as the founder of the business I have expectations too.

I need them to recognise, that while they might teach up to 10 people, VICI Language Dynamics is serving hundreds of customers. We will always be there to support them and want to be sure they know how to access all the tools that we provide to help them deliver first class language learning.

Of course, many business owners instinctively recognise the professionalism that runs through the team at VICI and it is why they engage with us in person at the Academy and online with i.VICI

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