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Eddie Izzard is known for many things; he is a comedian, marathon runner, transvestite, actor and for many French comedy fans he is a hero for learning the language so he could crack jokes in their mother tongue.

It started with the odd joke literally translated and then in 2011 he spent three months at Théâtre de Dix Heures in Paris performing entirely in French and he was back in France earlier this year on his Force Majeure World Tour again performing in France. The Local France’s News in English interviewed Izzard before the shows in France and he revealed:’I think it’s a very clever idea, even though it’s my own idea. I’m taking this product – which is me talking weird b*llocks – and I’m just going to take each word of that b*llocks and say it in French.’

“I will also be performing in German, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.

‘However, I’m so bloody excited about this French tour. I think I’m doing the first ever comedy tour of France by an English-speaker – in Menton, Lyon and at l’Olympia in Paris. Edith Piaf played the Olympia, so did Jacques Brel, Jimi Hendrix, the Stones, Bowie, and now me!’

Imagine the warm reaction he first got when he told a joke in French? And the respect he commands now he can deliver an entire gig ‘tout en français’? Now he is doing it in a host of other languages too!
Okay, you might not be a comedian, but do you ever have to deliver a speech or a presentation to staff, clients or prospects where some or even all may not speak your language – be it English, or French?

A few carefully chosen words in the appropriate language, conveyed with confidence and with the correct pronunciation could transform the impact of your delivery – and the outcome of your speech or presentation.

  • Imagine if you were able to deliver more than a few words or lines?
  • What kind of respect would you command if you could speak fluently in the language that would have the most impact with your audience?

Recently we blogged about a helping a businessman learn Portuguese ahead of an interview which helped him win a prestigious directorship with an international firm.

Here at the Vici Language Academy in Newbury, West Berkshire we help professionals master a range of languages for business and can provide support and coaching for everything from a few lines in that important speech, through to becoming fluent in one or more languages.
So we might not be able to train you to be as funny as Eddie Izzard, but we can help you have the impact that can win business and influence.


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