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Children who are learning at the VICI Language Academy had their moment in the spotlight recently when they attended a Graduation Ceremony at the Chequers Hotel in Newbury to acknowledge their hard work and progress over the past six months.

It was hard to tell who was the most proud at the event: was it the VICI staff standing tall as they watched their young students collect certificates, or was it the parents with tears in their eyes as they watched their beloved front and centre… or was it the beaming children who were thrilled to be recognised in this way? Certainly there is no doubt everyone was proud!

It was held at the hotel rather than the language academy to make the event more formal and we do this because we want the parents to recognise that yes, they have invested in VICI to teach their children and we take that seriously.

Most parents will observe lessons and see the children having fun and enjoying being immersed in another language; what the ceremony shows is just how much has been achieved.

The event is both very formal but also cosy and clearly the children who learn with us and their parents do take the Graduation Ceremony seriously. At the same time it is strict and this gives gravitas to what is a serious acknowledgement of the effort and achievement of the young people who learn with VICI, it is also supportive and nurturing, much like the language academy.

The younger children love it and grasp it is important and for the older students who are facing GCSEs or A-Levels it puts them in the right frame of mind.

There is always a real buzz among the children in the weeks after a graduation that drives them to reinvest in their classes and the parents too are extra supportive in light of the ceremony.

Would you like your child to attend one of our twice yearly graduation ceremonies? Well they will need to be learning a language with us first! So contact the VICI Language Academy today and discover the benefits being bilingual can bring to your child. (01635 522410)

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